“If it doesn’t fit… recycle it!”

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So… you consulted our Bra Doctor or had a specialty bra fitting, and realized that most of the bras you own aren’t the correct size? Well, what are you going to do with all those ill-fitting bras? Keep wearing them? No way! It’s so tempting to just throw them away… but don’t!

There’s a new trend in giving back to the community: bra recycling. It’s big in the UK with several different charities dedicated to this cause, and other organizations are sprouting up across the globe. The first major charity focused bra recycling for the US and Canada, The Bra Recyclers (formally known as Bosom Buddies), is an Arizona-based textile recycling company.  Since October, there is now a Toronto-based location for recycling your bras.

It’s a pretty simple concept: women mail clean bras to the address given on the website or drop them off at a specific location. The Bra Recyclers find charities, group homes, and missions to find deserving women and girls who are working towards self-sufficiency. Then a network of Bra Ambassadors passes out the bras and helps women get fitted. It’s easy, it’s green and it brings women together to empower other women. The bras give women the confidence boost we’ve all experienced when we get a great-fitting bra.

While you probably shouldn’t give them any old bra you have (remember how easily they stretch out), any rarely-worn bra,

particularly maternity bras and post-surgical bras, make a great donation. And why not buy a few new bras and donate those as well? The women receiving the bras will see the tags and be even more grateful that someone was thinking of them!

There are four steps to donation: wash the bra, fill out a bra recycling form, put it in a box, and mail it to the address below. Happy giving!

3317 S. Higley Rd, Ste 114-441

Gilbert, AZ 85297

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