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Blush Preview Spring 2012

Being a blogger for Now That’s Lingerie has many great perks, and last Tuesday, I had an awesome opportunity I never had expected:  I was invited to a preview of Blush’s Spring 2012 line! It was happening at the offices of their marketing team, the Bromley Group, and promised glimpses of the new line, drinks, dessert, and lively conversation.  I was totally thrilled and couldn’t wait to see the new line and how they would present it.

Racks of gorgeous lingerie

When I got to the event, I walked in and couldn’t believe how elegant and swanky everything looked. There were several clothing racks filled with lingerie I couldn’t wait to gush over, a table covered with pajamas from the new line, a huge screen airing ads, sexy posters, and a snack bar with cookies and drinks.

Marketing Materials and Pajama Table

After introductions, the marketing experts lead me through the designers thinking for the new line, while walking me past racks of new bras, panties, nighties and corsets. What struck me as most interesting about this new collection is that Blush groups the collections by several different styles and themes. This way of grouping is a departure from other brands, which may have running themes throughout a collection that binds it together cohesively as a whole. The benefit to the way Blush creates groups of styles is that different women who are looking for different styles can find what they want with a Blush look. The styles for 2012 range from sweet to sexy, romantic to daring, and young to mature.

Love Always Bralette and Hipster

This range can be best exhibited by two of my favourite looks from the line, Love Always and Naked Envy. Love Always, with a pink flower print and lots of lace detailing, is on the more youthful side, and extremely romantic, even in the name! Naked Envy is a collection so popular from Fall 2011 that they carried it over into Spring with additional styles in white, just in time for wedding season. The look for Naked Envy is bold and sexy, but the intricate, delicate lacework adds some light touches as well.

As obvious from the above looks, lace will continue to be a huge trend in 2012. A welcome addition

Naked Envy Teddy in White for Spring

to the Spring line, a wonderful way to cure the winter blues, is pink lace, beautifully exhibited by the Sweetest Sin chemise  (carried over from Fall, in new colours). The design of this piece perfectly incorporates the gorgeous and elaborate design of the lace in the “petals” that overlap from one section of lace to the next. The lace detailing is actually one of my favourite aspects of the collection overall. In addition to

Sweetest Sin Chemise in Pink

the thoughtful design and unparalleled quality of the lace, the designers came up with clever and appealing ways to work lace into unexpected places. One example is the lace panel on the hip of the Great Expectations Pajama Pant. Though it’s unfortunately hard to see in this picture, there is a triangular panel of cream-coloured lace on each hip, a delightful surprise that makes these pajamas all the more lovely.

There were other surprise details as well. This lace teddy from the Luscious group, though certainly striking from the front, is unassuming in the sense that it has an even more stunning back. The top section snaps together in the back like a bra, and there is a huge cut-out all the way to the very bottom of the small of the

Great Expectations Pajama Pant

back. I have rarely seen a teddy cut this way, and the effect is breathtaking. The design brings the eyes to all the right places while being exciting and definitely fashion-forward.

Sophisticated new takes on florals were a surprise for me as well. These florals were on display with the Free Love group, a collection of pieces made all the more thrilling by their sheerness! Who knew floral designs could be so naughty? This group is available in both seductive black and, somewhat more interestingly, angelic

Luscious Teddy

white, highlighting even further the mix of demure and the dangerous. Another group incorporated interesting florals as well. The Idylle style features lavishly detailed flower embroidery that creates almost a print

Free Love Nightie

across each piece. I was especially smitten with the demi corset, which had the beautiful embroidery down the centre of the corset, creating a flattering, slimming, eye-catching  silhouette. The mesh paneling brings the whole look together and reveals a more scandalous side to the piece as well.

Another group features embroidery like the Idylle style did, and took the detail to all new levels by combining it with lace. The Amour group has pieces filled with dainty, ornate embroidery that is just dazzling. The underwire bra and hipster panties show the group’s chic style. The best part about this group is that they have new sizes for bras, going all the way up to a 36F! There are other styles available in those larger

Idylle Demi Corset and Thong

sizes as well, so be sure to check it out.

Another important and exciting design element in the line was a throw-back to more retro styles and designs. The premiere group with this

Amour Underwire Bra and Hipster Panty

design is Spellbound, which combines a 50s look with a more modern flair. Black polka dots accentuate each piece, and cuts like high-wasted briefs highlight the vintage feel. My favourite piece is the balconnette bra, which in addition to having the structured look of a 50s bra has a practical, modern touch of also being able to convert to strapless. The chemise can also be worn with or without straps, a very unique touch! The marketing posters for this collection has a fun retro feel as well, with a Brigitte Bardot-esque blond bombshell modelling the line.

All in all, the 2012 Spring Line shows an exhilarating and delightful collection from Blush which will be sure to thrill lingerie fans everywhere. I had a marvellous time looking at everything up

Spellbound Balconette Bra and High-Waisted Panty

close and getting the behind-the-scenes story on each piece.  The people running the event were so welcoming and knowledgeable, especially about Blush and their vision for the Spring line. Thanks to Blush and the Bromley Group for a wonderful

Spellbound Poster – Love It!

evening of fun, lingerie, and cookies.

Note: All Blush collections available on Now That’s Lingerie.

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  • Amanda

    The Idylle demi corset is stunning. I’ve just purchased a Blush bra and I love the fit, so I’m definitely interested in exploring more from this gorgeous lingerie line. Thanks for the preview!

  • admin

    Thanks for your comment, Amanda! I also just love Blush lingerie – always sexy and lacy and sometimes retro/vintage. Looking forward to their new lines for Spring but I’m definitely stocking up on some sultry essentials from this season. 🙂 Hope you’ll keep checking back on Bra Doctor’s Blog for more lingerie news & features.

  • Rachel Graham

    You’re right Amanda, this spring line is great! I’m glad you found a great-fitting bra from Blush!

  • Sara J. Tol

    I love that Lace is the new trend! I will have to check out this line now!

  • admin

    Hi Sara, I think lace is ALWAYS on trend. I can’t imagine lingerie existing without lace. They are inseparable to me!

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