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Being a woman is complicated, but wearing the perfect panties shouldn’t be!

Let me “brief” you on what’s important to know about your panties!

1) Fabric Matters

P5105 Destiny Hipster by Affinitas Parfait

A sexy mix of lace & comfy fabrics. P5105 Destiny Hipster by Affinitas Parfait

Silk and lace are two popular fabrics that we love to wear. Most of our panties are not pure silk or lace; rather, they’re made with less luxurious fabrics like rayon or polyester with some added stretch fabric to make them comfier.

While these fabrics are gorgeous, they are not fitting for every occasion. If you exercise a lot or lead an active lifestyle, stick with cotton panties or bamboo panties. These fabrics are natural moisture absorbers that work with your body’s temperature to keep you dry and comfy all day.

Can’t go without your lacy numbers? At least look for a 100% cotton gusset (the cotton piece at the crotch) for a healthy compromise.  Most panties have a cotton gusset, but check the inside label to be sure.

2) Looser is better

You can rock any style; just make sure it’s the right fit! Satin Charlotte High Waisted Briefs by Parfait Intimates.

When your underwear gets tight, it’s time to ditch them! Not only is tight underwear uncomfortable and notorious for creating unwanted lines, but it’s actually unhealthy to wear figure-squeezing knickers. It can trap your natural moisture, and you don’t ever want to do that.  Plus, on an aesthetic level, it creates unsightly bumps under your clothes because of where your panty digs in.

No Wedgies No Worries Cheetah Cheeky Panty by Warner’s

When your underwear is a little too loose, it can ride up as you move about causing wedgies. Did you know that there are panties made to prevent wedgies? We have a pair you can buy!

3) Go commando when you sleep

Slip on some breezy pyjamas – without panties – for your sweet dreams! Magnolia Floral Print Pyjama Pant by Arianne Lingerie

Did you know that you should skip the panties before you hit the sheets? Your body has been wrapped up in underwear all day, and so you should let yourself breathe at night. Wear some lightweight shorts or pants that give you plenty of room to breathe.

The one scenario where you should NEVER go commando is when you work out. Exercising sans panties can lead to all sorts of chafing and unwanted irritation. Just stick with a cotton panty that’ll absorb moisture and change your pair immediately after you’re done or out of the shower.

4) Panties DO expire

Pretty Little Panties Hipster by Blush Lingerie

While there isn’t a “number” for how many months you should keep your beloved undies, there are telltale signs that they need to go. When they change color, have stains that won’t come out, have holes, or have lost their elasticity, it’s time to say goodbye. Not only is it to your healthy benefit, but you deserve to look and feel better than that, girl!

5) The Thong Debate

A cotton thong is an excellent choice to rock the risque panty. Radiant Cotton Thong by Calvin Klein.

The debate about thongs is as confusing as the debate about coffee; one day it’s fine, the next it’s unhealthy.

Thongs are definitely okay for the right occasion. If you’re going out and it helps reduce the panty lines in your outfit, go ahead! If you’re heading to the gym, DON’T DO IT!

Thongs move around too much, and when you add sweat and moisture, you’re creating a breeding ground for bacterial infections and irritation.

Is there anything else you’d like to know about panties? Leave us a comment and we’ll answer you!

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Until next time, we’re going to sort through our panty drawer!




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