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Did you know that Celine, our Bra Doctor, got her signature moniker from a customer?

That’s just one of the many gems you can learn about Celine through Parfait Lingerie’s latest blog series, Best Lingerie Stores, where The Bra Doctor herself talks about Now That’s Lingerie and gives you her best bra fitting tips and tricks.

Now That’s Lingerie has been proud to carry Parfait Lingerie for quite some time, as they deliver the same type of experience NTL loves giving women; access to beautiful, trendy, and modern lingerie for women of all shapes and sizes, so they can feel confident and sexy no matter what! They focus on fit and quality, and many of their styles are some of our biggest hits!

As Celine mentions in the blog post, the Matilda, Lynn, Casey and Jeanie bras are just a few styles from Parfait that our lingerie lovers can’t get enough of! These cute styles, and all of our sets from Parfait, are super versatile, comfortable, and give women what they really want; a cute but comfortable bra that solves all their bra fitting problems while helping them look and feel sexy and empowered.

Celine shared so many great bra fitting tips you don’t want to miss out on!

This Parfait blog post really gave Celine an opportunity to show her passion for lingerie and helping cure all bra fitting problems you may have – you have a question, she knows the answer!

None of your bra fitting problems are too big for her to solve. She’s always a phone call or an e-mail away, and if you ever have a question while reading our Bra Doctor’s Blog, she always has her eyes on the comments in case anyone needs some bra help. Our Contact page shows you all the different ways you can reach out to Celine!

Get your Parfait fix right now and save on shipping! We’re giving our lingerie lovers FREE SHIPPING when they spend $59+, so you don’t have to pick just one style!

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