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New Year’s Resolutions for My Lingerie

Happy New Year, everyone! Here are my New Year’s Resolutions — for my lingerie.


1. Infuse some color into my lingerie repertoire, instead of mostly wearing basic black, white and nude.

2. Get rid of all my old and worn-out panties, and replace them with fun and flirty new bottoms.

3. Donate all my ill-fitting bras.

4. Buy bras for my current size and not for the size I wish I was, or think I could be.

5. Brush the cobwebs off my fancy lingerie and find more opportunities to wear them.

6. Stop destroying my bras by throwing them carelessly in the washer & dryer. Read here for lingerie care tips.


7. Match my panties to my bras more often. If it’s not a lingerie set, then at least the same color or fabric!

8. Toss out my old, ripped or broken bras instead of keeping them for a rainy day.

9. Wear a REAL sports bra that fits well and supports the way a sports bra SHOULD.

10. Not wear lingerie with stains on them – whether they were caused by chocolate, wine, buttery popcorn or another delicious vice.

Do you have anything to add to my list? Tell me here or by commenting below FacebookTwitteror Pinterest.



All lingerie styles in the photos shown here are available at Now That’s

Donate your bras: Bra Recyclers

Wash & Care for your bras: Lingerie care



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