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We’re going to burst a bubble for you here; not all bra pads are created JUST to make your boobs look bigger!

Are you surprised? Well it’s true; bra pads can do so much more than just make your bustline pop. We want you to know how bra pads can be an inexpensive, easy solution to so many of your lingerie problems, so we’re here to break down each kind for you!

For a Lift in Any Direction – Umph Silicone Crescent Cookie Slight Breast Enhancers by Fashion Essentials

Sometimes, you want a little extra push to fill out that new dress, and the Umph silicone cookies are your answer!

Simply slip these pads along the bottom of your bra to get some lift upwards, OR slip them to the sides of your bra to bring your breasts closer together. They feel soft against your skin and are versatile for almost any bra.

To Even Out a Busty Bust – Sculpt Full Figure Silicone Bra Pads by Fashion Essentials

No two breasts are created equal – unless they are created in a doctor’s office!

But when you want that even appearance, maybe on your wedding day, or have a noticeable difference between breasts, these pads are your friends. Ideal for a bigger bust, these bra pads gently shape the breast and add a little bit of an extra push. You can insert just one pad where your smaller breast is as well to even things out.

For More Volume or To Fix Uneven Breasts – Fabric Add-A-Size Bra Pads by Forever New

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to fill out an outfit for a little extra dose of confidence!

These super soft add a size bra pads will enhance your bust subtly, with a lift you’ll absolutely love. Once again, slipping one of these into your bra cup covering your smaller breast will works wonders to make them both look even.

These are lovely to have on hand when you have slight fluctuations during pregnancy or menstruation, AND they are also water-safe so you can pop them in your bikinis!

For Those Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Bikinis – Triangle Bra Pads by Forever New

Many bathing suits are more fashion than function, and if they come with bra pads, they can be flimsy and pretty much useless.

These triangle bra pads will slip into any bathing suit top, and will give you the lift and support you’re usually lacking in a bikini. They are built to withstand water, so they’ll definitely last you. You can also wear these in triangle bras as well, or use them to enhance the size of one breast.

To Even Out and Shape a Smaller Bust – Glam Add-A-Size Silicone Bra Pads by Fashion Essentials

Fill out that new top or even out your shape all around with these bra pads, made specially for a smaller bust.

Once again, you can wear one to even out your size, or wear both for some extra bulk with the ideal support and lift. They’re built seamlessly so they won’t look unnatural under the tightest of tops!

For That Amazing Cleavage – Flirt Push-Up Silicone Bra Pads by Fashion Essentials

Get that va-va-voom look when your ultra push-up bra is in the wash with these very comfortable silicone bra pads!

These pads are tapered along the inside to fit you in the best way possible, and just slide very easily into the bottom of your bra. Your cleavage will appear fuller and higher, giving you an extra boost to get your flirt on all night long.

Have you tried any of these bra pads?

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