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You cannot turn your head in a boutique or scroll a lingerie site without seeing wireless bras

Wireless here, wire-free there; there’s no wire anywhere!

Many bra-wearers are just over underwire. This could be for a few reasons. We think a huge thing is that you might not be wearing the right size, or maybe it’s easier to just alternate between the two for more comfort. It could also be the shape of your body or how you’re built. 

Montelle Wireless Padded Seamless T-Shirt Bra

If you do want help with non-underwired bras, you can leave a comment or message our Bra Doctor!

If you’re thinking of trying wireless bras, or are convinced that for some reason they just aren’t right for you, keep reading!

We guarantee that every woman can find a wireless bra that makes her feel AMAZING in every way. 

First things first: know your size. Generally speaking, your size isn’t going to change just because you’re removing your underwire. Bralettes can have some different kinds of sizing, so you might have to try on a couple different sizes before you really know. 

Naturana Wireless Non Padded Embroidered Lace Full Figure Bra

What you should also know is that taking out the wires doesn’t mean you’re taking out the support. Bras are made of so many pieces, and a wireless bra just relies on parts other than the underwire to give your breasts the support they need. You’ll find that the back band or the straps are stronger to make up for the fact that there is no underwire. 

Because you don’t have underwire, the way you put on your bra matters as well. You want to ensure the hook is tight but not constricting. You can make sure it’s where it should be by slipping two fingers into the back band and making sure you have room between your fingers and your back. 

Calvin Klein Limited Edition Neon Unlined Cotton Bralette

You also want to adjust the straps if needed to make sure they aren’t slipping off your shoulders. This means they are secure enough to lift up your breasts and keep them where you want them. 

You also want to ensure you’re scooping your breasts up into the bra. You don’t have underwire that’ll dig into your breast tissue if you don’t have them in the right place. Lift your breast up by the bottom and scoop it into the bra cups. The band should still sit underneath your breasts and should lay flat. 

Parfait Dalis Modal Wireless Full Cup Bralette

Wireless bras come in so many different styles, meaning that no breast shape or size will be excluded from the comfortable option. From triangle bralettes to sports bras to lace bras and everywhere in between, there’s a wireless bra for you. 

Also, if you have a big bust, you don’t have to be worried that a wireless bra won’t give you the support you need. If you go for quality and brands that understand a more diverse size range, you’re good! Montelle and Parfait are just two of many brands we carry that know how to fit all breast sizes. 

Montelle Wireless Semi Sheer Microfiber Bra

Have we convinced you yet that wireless bras are something to try?

Let us know in the comments below and ask whatever questions you need to!

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  • Deanne

    How do I measure for a wireless bra. I have a 38 F n underwire. But wireless bras tend to come in sizes like 8.10, 12 , 14 etc . How do you know what size you need . I’m not seeing any conversion charts online regarding this

  • admin

    Hello Deanne,

    Thank you for your email.

    We have a browse by size page that is very helpful
    When you select a brand, there is a size chart unique to that brand.
    Every brand has there own size spec.
    For wireless bras, I would recommend the Naturana Brand.
    It is a european brand and over 100 years in business.
    Let me know if you have any questions.



  • Virginia

    Nothing will ever convince me to spend money to try out a wireless bra. I’d maybe try one for free but I don’t believe for a second that there’s a wireless bra in existence anywhere that would give me the level of support and shape I require. If all these “innovative” new bra designers were smart, they’d forget about the impossible, pointless task of trying to create a wireless bra that works as well as wires and try to come up with wires that don’t pop through the fabric so quickly.

  • admin

    Like underwire bras, wirefree bras are available with different level of supports depending on the need of the person. Sports bras for instance can be full support. There are wirefree bras that are mimizer bras that reduce the projection of the breast tissue.
    Wirefree bras may not have all the functionality as underwire bras however they are just as comfortable.

  • Nobel

    I’m a 28DD. Before I gained weight and my size went up, I preferred to go braless. But after going long enough with a bigger bust and no bra, I started to have pain and started wearing underwire-free bras. I hate underwire, probably mainly because it’s almost impossible to find a 28DD in them. But underwire-free bras are a lot more versatile in their sizing and they do, in fact, offer a lot of support. Plus they’re comfy. I love them. Sports bras don’t usually have underwire and yet are super supportive, too.

  • admin

    Hello Virginia,

    Thank you for sharing your experience. You can definitely find a wirefree full support bra in your size. At this time we don’t have any. The fabric of the bra cup combined with the size of the straps make the bra supportive. For instance if the fabric of the cups stretch, you won’t get the full support you need.

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