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There’s a reason she was called Posh Spice!

Remember THIS Victoria Beckham? Still chic! Via Pinterest


Victoria Beckham has always had consistently incredible style, but lately it’s hard not to notice the genius that is her style. As she’s progressed in her career and her life, her style has transformed with her, but essentially never misses the mark. Hot off the trails of her raving NYFW runway show and several public outings recently, we’ve fallen in love with Victoria Beckham’s style all over again.


Some beautiful pieces from Beckham’s latest runway collection via Vogue; Look 1 | Look 2 | Look 3


One amazing thing about Victoria Beckham’s style is that it’s all her own, and she never apologizes for how she chooses to dress. Remember all that controversy surrounding her desire to only ever wear heels, and that she hates flats?


Stop the presses! She’s in flat shoes! Via Daily Mail


While many looked to that comment as her being crass, we think it’s pretty cool of her to be so confident about what she chooses to wear. Sure, many of us couldn’t fathom wearing heels all the time, but she kind of makes us want to! She’s also since become a little more lax on her heel height.


Beckham attends her son’s book launch while proving that mixing neutrals results in a chic ensemble. Via In Style



That being said, Beckham doesn’t put on the glam for every appearance she makes in public. She also has a very refined casual style, which of course, still looks as beautiful as any of the glitzy ensembles she wears. Girlfriend can rock a pair of jeans like no other! She’s also essentially reinvented the white tee, and has made every fashionista want to replace all her glam tops for the easy look.



Beckham has also been designing her own fashion line for years, always managing to make the very intimidating world of fashion more approachable. She designs high end, flattering, and on-trend pieces each year, and has even done collaborations to reach more of her audience (anyone remember the Target collection that sold out in like, three seconds?). She also always styles her fashion shows brilliantly, which is a testament to how truly in tune with the fashion world she is.


Oh, and we almost forgot – she’s launched a makeup line too! Here she is at her launch in a gorgeous red dress via The Sun


Clearly, there’s no slowing down for Victoria Beckham as she just continues to create successful endeavours for herself and her many fans. We’re excited to see what the future brings for her and we can’t wait to see how she inspires our next outfit!

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