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My Bra Doctor Fitting Experience!

Darling Readers,

I write to you in very high spirits today, and it’s all because of my underwear! Last weekend, I paid a visit to the Bra Doctor with no intention of buying any size other than the 34DD I’ve been wearing. I’ve got to say, it’s unbelievable what a difference it makes to wear a properly fitted bra, in terms of posture, comfort and even attitude!

The minute I walked in, the Doc asked me what size I was currently wearing. “34 DD,” I told her sheepishly. She raised one eyebrow, quickly looked me up and down and stated matter-of-factly, “Try this on,” and handed me a lovely 32 E. I took a deep breath and put the bra on. It looked nice, but I was unsure if it fit – after all, I’d thought 34DD was the perfect fit and I was apparently wrong about that!

“How are you doing in there?” She called. I opened the door to the dressing room and stood there, bra bared to the world.  She adjusted the straps, ran her finger beneath the back band re-hooked the back closure. I was surprised to see what a difference the proper adjustment meant to the fit of the bra – it was perfect!  “Try this one too!” She said, smiling knowingly then tossed a new bra style over the door…

A 32E! My heart sunk; it’s hard enough to find a 34DD, I thought. Where on earth would I ever find a 32E? I sluggishly strapped it on, as the friend who came with me for my bra fitting (and for her own, as well!) consoled me through the wall. “It’s okay, if you can find 34DDs you can find 32Es and hey, that means you’re skinnier than you thought!”

This Seductive Comfort Lace with Customized Lift Convertible Bra by Calvin Klein is undoubtedly the best strapless I have ever tried on. I’d given up on finding anything supportive enough, but the Bra Doctor assured me this would do the trick and she was right! Hellooo strapless summer dresses!

“I don’t care if I’m skinny!” I replied, whining and laughing at the same time. Plus, this is all very easy for you to say, Miss 36C.” (36C is more a common size.)

I came out, and the Bra Doctor swiftly and expertly adjusted every aspect of my bra in seconds. I rather appreciated her fitting technique, actually. Too often I’ve visited a lingerie store, tried on a dozen different styles selected myself, and having the sales consultant simply glance at me quickly and offer a noncommital, “Yep.”  It’s really important that when being fitted for a bra, to really check everything out; the straps, the clasp, the cups, everything! If one part of your bra doesn’t fit, your whole bra doesn’t fit.  As she adjusted me, Bra Doctor showed me how to adjust myself, and how to know if your bra is on properly… handy advice, since I know she can’t be there with me whenever I put on a bra!  (Try reading some of her blogs, which are just full of amazing bra fitting advice!)

This is the Change of Scandinavia Lissi Push-Up bra. I never imagined buying a push-up bra, as I’m used to trying to control my unruly bust, but this one offers enough coverage and support to show cleavage without being afraid of falling out!

We struck gold again with a 30F (!) in another bra style that both flattered and supported me. I quickly made peace with the shocking size when I realized how wonderfully it fit! Bra Doctor explained that it’s normal to wear several different bra sizes, as different companies and styles don’t all have the same sizing standards.

I have never felt so comfortable in a bra before; it literally feels as if I’m not wearing one. And that’s the way it should be! So, if youre squirming around as you read this in an uncomfortable bra, I highly recommend a visit or e-mail consult with the Bra Doctor!

Have a great weekend!




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