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The Top 10 Things Women Are Guilty Of Doing To Their Bras

As women, we are attached to our bras for the better part of the day, literally! We wake up in the morning, brush up and then get dressed. Before even picking out your clothes, there is the same old question, “which bra am I going to wear?”. When you’re wearing bras on a daily, you become committed to them. Which is why when you find the perfect fit, you buy the exact same bra in every color! They’re with you all the time, through the good and bad. Because of the intricate relationship we have with our bras, we have some weird tendencies when it comes to putting them on, fixing our breasts and wearing them for long periods of time.

Here is our Top 10 List of things women are guilty of doing to their bras:

10. Constantly cupping your breasts and pushing them to the outside, rearranging them in the cups. (If you’re like me, you do this all day; I find my bra fits better afterwards!)

9. Destroying your bras by throwing them in the wash without a mesh lingerie wash bag. Not to mention, throwing them in the dryer. Yeesh…that’s a big “NO”! (Celine the Bra Doctor recommends hand washing or delicate/gentle machine wash in a mesh lingerie bag, then hanging to dry.)

8. Automatically trying to fit the back closure on the tightest hook…even though it only fits on the loosest hooks.

7. Shimmying your bra band up higher to lift up your breasts. This is the worst when wearing a strapless bra under a dress while dancing!

6. Wearing your favorite bra too many days in a row and stretching out the elastics.

5. Being guilty of buying bras that don’t quite fit…but they’re really pretty! Maybe I can just wear them horizontally?

4. Feeling MUCH sexier when wearing the matching panties to the bra!

3. Having a love/hate relationship with underwires! You know the relationship is over when they constantly start poking into you or leaving red marks. (Click here to see Bra Doctor’s Bra Fitting checklist!)

2. Spending at least 5 minutes deciding what kind of bra to wear with a particular shirt. You can’t wear a sheer lace bra with a button-down blouse (it’s going to show through the shirt)…it has to be a seamless bra with a full cup or balcony shape! Duh!

1. When sporting a low-cut top, wearing your best low plunging ultra-push up bra! Time to bring out the big guns! 😉


Honorable mentions:

11. When you’re bored, going online to peruse the beautiful lingerie selections at Now That’s Lingerie. One could always use a new bra or pair of panties…

12. Playing with your bra straps when you get nervous. On…off…on… off…

13. Finding food crumbs in your cleavage…nom nom nom… but it was so worth it!

Are you guilty of any of these bra misdeeds? What else would you add to this Top 10 list?

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  • Lonnie

    Alright, I confess, I am fully guilty of #’s 5, 2, 11, 13 and 1/2 guilty of #4. Also, I more often than not fasten them in front and do the spin around with my bras and then put my arms in the straps and pull the cups over my girls. Most often I have to rearrange them with my hands a little! Works for me though!

  • admin

    It’s never too late to change your bra habits for better ones! 😉

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