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What Can A Wedding Invitation Tell You? (More Than You Might Think!)

It’s wedding season! Summer is that time of year when almost everyone seems to be announcing and celebrating their nuptials.  Chances are, you’ve probably already received an invite or two in the mail, and are mentally revising your more formal (yet summery) wardrobe, wondering what to wear. When it comes to choosing garments for these most special of occasions, don’t throw that invitation out! It contains valuable explicit and implicit information on how you should dress.

As much as I love sky-high heels, kitten heels are really growing on me – especially when they look this good.

First of all, check the time. Nine times out of ten, it is safe to assume that an evening wedding will be more formal than a morning or afternoon affair. The key is to look classy and comfortable! Opt for a dress or a pretty skirt and top combo, and avoid fabrics that might appear to casual; chiffon, silk, high-quality cotton and even eyelet cotton are all great options.  If you’re not a fan of the classic high heeled shoe, try a platform, a kitten heel or cute flats!

Second, check the venue and know what its like. A ceremony in a small, country chapel generally calls for different attire than one in a giant cathedral downtown. Both ceremonies are equally as important and are worthy of the utmost respect, so either way, dress to impress. However, keep in mind that smaller chapels generally open their windows while grand cathedrals rarely offer the same natural air conditioning. If you think you might be cold, bring along a cardigan or a wrap, and conversely, if you’re worried about overheating you might consider bringing a small fan. When in doubt, do both!

Which one’s your favourite? Personally, I’m a big fan of the eclectic shawl to the far right!

Then have a look at the invitation as a whole. Couples usually choose invitations that reflect and coordinate with the general theme of the entire wedding. Check out the colours, and avoid wearing anything that might have you mistaken for a part of the décor or a bridesmaid! If the invitation has a chic, modern appearance you might want to find a similarly contemporary outfit. If the invitation is frilly and girly, the spirit of the event is probably more lively and fun, so find a flirty, pretty dress and cute sandals (don’t forget to bring flats, just in case)!

I won’t bother to mention that you should never wear white, since it competes with the bride’s own dress, or show any belly or too much cleavage on religious occasions! The only reason we should stand out is for looking cool, confident, classy, beautiful and for having a total blast on our fabulous friends’ Big Day!

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