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There are a lot of misconceptions about corsetry, especially modern design, for being archaic, restrictive, and fetishistic. It’s safe to say that corsets are no longer what they used to be, and are actually designed with more comfort. What a corset can do to a woman’s shape is so much fun to play with, and it can be safe when not tied severely tight. Corsets are even being worn as outerwear now in a classy way, with added garments to cover up skin and let the beautiful patterns and designs of corsetry shine through. On Now That’s Lingerie, we want to change your mind on what a corset is now by looking a little bit into the past and showcasing some gorgeous #ShopNTL styles.

We can see even from looking at old images of corsets that the shape created by them was a much more defined one than the modern corset. Waists were cinched into almost impossible dimensions, creating a barely there waistline with a very enhanced curves. Corsets were standard for women back then, and so women were forced to go everyday in constricting wear that was difficult to breathe and move in. Luckily, things have changed and corsetry is a choice, whether to enhance a woman’s curves, to wear as clothing, or for the bedroom to spice things up. See for yourself with some of our inventory!

True Bliss Convertible Strapless Corset by Blush Lingerie

An homage to vintage is executed beautifully in this light pink design with gorgeous silver embroidery with removable garter straps and separate matching panties. You can insert or remove cookies within the cups to create the amount of cleavage you desire, and the boning moves with you for that corset shape without the discomfort. Shining satin ties at the sides mimic the ties of a classic corset.

Queen Reversible Corset by Dreamgirl Lingerie

With a great colour choice and two designs for all sizes, this is a corset for everyone. Boning enhances your curves with ease, and pretty lace edging adds romance to this sexy style. Close this style onto your body with the lace up back, which adjusts to your needs. Versatility is the key with this piece, as it’s reversible for either a jacquard or satin-like finish. This corset also comes with detachable garter straps.

Demi Cropped Corset by Blush Lingerie

This is a great example of a super modern corset style, which is cropped for a nice, defined waist and more breathability. You can take the cookies in or out for desired shape and lift, and this also allows you to wear this style as opposed to a regular bra. This gorgeous style is covered in lace and mesh detailing for a vintage and feminine finish. Match this style with the thong or hipster for a complete outfit.

Classic Sweetheart Corset by Bonitaz (available to US and Canada)


Release your inner edgy woman with this fiery red corset, also available in black, with lots of shine and support for a vamped up look. Steel busk front closure allows you to put this corset on in a pinch. Acrylic boning allows for that perfect hourglass shape, enhancing your curves in a strong but comfortable manner. Lace up the back to adjust to your personal comfort level and enjoy the privacy panel in the back.

Opulent Essence Corset by Triumph Lingerie (1)

You’re a seductive siren in this semi-sheer and lace embroidered black corset. The cups are padded to enhance your bust, with a dramatic sweetheart neckline to showcase yourself beautifully. Complete the look with the separate matching thong, and you’ll make your lover’s jaw drop with how sexy you look in this alluring set.

Have we been able to change your mind about wearing a corset? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below, or chat with us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also pin these styles directly from the blog and find more on our Pinterest, and learn lingerie tips and tricks from our YouTube channel.



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