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Your Personal Fashion Icon

Who do you think looks so fabulously good, that they constantly make your jaw drop and wish with all your might that you could look as amazing? Whoever you admire, whoever inspires you, whose look is to die for, that individual is your personal fashion icon! My clothing directly reflects my moods, so I play around with a wide variety of looks, and I think it’s only natural that I should have more than one personal fashion icon of my own! Let me introduce you to…

Not too many people can pull off a hat like that, but alas, Stevie can pull of anything!

Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks’ signature bold, ethereal, borderline-gothic look has been praised since the 1970’s. Since then, her style has evolved but the basis has never changed and I love that about her. She always looks like herself, and while we have very different body types, I have a habit of taking the same sort of chances with clothing – in fact, I kind of get a thrill out of it!

Mary-Kate Olsen

Mary-Kate Olsen has this tremendous talent for creating the oxymoronical look I refer to as “Uptown Hobo”. She combines unruly, tangled, almost matted hair and an oversized, ratty-looking fur coat with a sequined, floor-length gown and vintage designer heels and somehow, it looks surprisingly amazing! I find this kind of vision and nonchalance super inspirational.

Steven Tyler

Isn't he adorable? Check out those necklaces and that beautiful shirt. I have one almost just like it!

Steven Tyler doesn’t always dress like a man in the same way that I don’t always dress like a woman. Everything he’s ever worn possesses an androgynous or feminine (yet glamorous) flair (ruffle-front shirts, anyone?). I’m willing to bet that if you laid the contents his closet and mine out for everyone to see, no one would be able to tell what belonged to whom half the time.

Kate Moss

Here is why I love Kate Moss: she wears whatever she wants. One minute she’s in a sparkling evening gown with a sleek bun in her hair, the next she’s in cut-off shorts, cowboy boots and a poncho. She doesn’t care what people think she should look like, or if her bi-polar wardrobe is confusing to some – she just wears what appeals to her at the moment, and I can relate to that.

Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel often looks out of her mind. With those giant signature round-framed glasses, mix-and-match patterns, and clothing dripping with embellishments, she’s a sight to behold and it often takes a few minutes to absorb every garment she’s got on. I love her fearlessness and often, frightfully envy her jewelry. When I am ninety years old, I can only hope to still look this chic!

Iris Apfel is the definition of fabulous.

I always keep my fashion icons in mind when I shop and dress – I’ve got a classic photo of Stevie Nicks in concert on my wall at home because she inspires me and makes me feel bold and amazing. Find out who yours are and put them to work for you!

Have fun!





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