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Since the early 1990’s we’ve been so obsessed with bust-enhancing lingerie that bra manufacturers have been falling over themselves to accommodate our craving for cleavage with some really quite inventive inflation techniques!

An early inflation technique from 1968

It all started with the WonderBra, designed to produce a sexy, erotic and alluring cleavage to even the most petite bust. Fashion model Kate Moss praised them in 1994 with her comments to The New York Times Magazine: “I’ve got a couple of those Gossard WonderBras. They’re brilliant, I swear, even I get cleavage with them”.

At the same time Eva Herigova was making a splash with her racy billboard ads for WonderBra. In the famous poster image of her in a WonderBra, gazing down at her breasts and the caption “Hello Boys”, was she addressing male admirers or her breasts?

The WonderBra ad that sent men veering off the road

Since then we’ve been bombarded with “fashionable” images of stick thin celebrities and models displaying their impossibly orb-like breasts. But with or without plastic surgery they wouldn’t have nearly as much impact without a “booster” push up bra, a ‘must have’ bra for any woman’s low-neckline wardrobe!

Commonly called “push-up bras” by most brands, these friendly bra styles help significantly lift and press together the breasts using permanent or removable pads made from foam, gel, silicone, air or water. Some versions use graduated foam cups or built in “bump up” pads which are moulded into the interior foam and are lightweight, so there’s no need to worry about inserts falling out!

19604519 Tactel Change Seamless Push Up Bra by Change of Scandinavia

So for maximum impact I’d strongly recommend that you try the Change of Scandinavia’s Tactel Seamless Push Up Bra. It uses the newest foam technology with built-in pads to boost your bust, it’s extremely lightweight, breathable (essential for summer), and the super soft Tactel fabric makes it fabulously comfortable for everyday wear. (See also Calvin Klein’s f2892 Seductive Comfort Customized Lift T-Shirt Bra).

For smaller-busted ladies, Triumph’s 3070 Petites Push-Up T Shirt Bra and the 3040 Diamond Jacquard  Petites Push Up Bra are ideal. The cups are tilted upwards and inwards to produce the best cleavage possible, and the built in pads give an additional “boost”. Because the cups are completely smooth, these bras are perfect under fitted tops too!

One of the prettiest and most curvaceous booster bras I suggest is the new 1838 Lacy Push-Up Bra by Triumph. As well as the foam padding it includes small removable gel pads so you can decide how much cleavage enhancement your outfit can take! With convertible straps too, this bra (and Triumph’s Seamless 1738 version in this new collection) gives you the option to cross the back or replace them altogether with transparent straps (sold separately).



1838 Push Up Lacy Bra by Triumph


And of course if you want to add additional boost to any of your regular push up bras then try adding Bra Doctor’s Silicone Enhancers or one of the Flaunt silicone pads by Fashion Essentials. Take a peak at Now That’s Lingerie’s selection of their most popular pads designed for all kinds of effects, petite to fuller-busted women.

So have fun flaunting your cleavage this summer – Now That’s Lingerie has the bras you need to give you (and your lingerie wardrobe) an extra oomph!

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Hello Boys image from : Wonderbra’s Hello Boys campaign featuring Eva Herzigova voted most iconic ad image of all time : MYDaily UK

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