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Summer Life Hacks

If we asked you what your favorite season was, most of you would say summer, right?

For some of us though, summer comes with some issues – sweat, chafing, the never-ending struggle to find clothes that keep you cool and covered – the list goes on. Thankfully, we’ve dug up some summer life hacks to conquer the summer in style!


Tackle Sunburns in a Pinch!

This easy hack comes from DIY N Crafts!

We know we have to apply sunscreen often, but sometimes we’re too wrapped up in enjoying the beach that we forget. Be prepared on your next outing to start healing that sunburn right away!

Squeeze some aloe vera gel into an ice cube tray and freeze them up, and pop them into your cooler before heading out. Placing this ice cube on the burn as soon as you can will not only help cool it down, but it’ll start soothing your skin right away.


Say Goodbye to Stink!

Life Buzz is helping us save money on deodorizers!

We love a fabulous summer sandal, but we don’t love how much our shoes can stink up after wearing them all day.

If you stick a tea bag in your shoes before you go to bed, they’ll freshen up your shoe! No more spending money on shoe freshener.


Stop Excessive Foot Sweat!

Total Beauty found another purpose for the magic that is dry shampoo!

As we mentioned, your shoes can stink up because your feet tend to sweat a lot in summer. But foot sweat doesn’t just smell; it can make staying in your shoes unbearable and uncomfortable with your feet slipping everywhere.

Before you slip on your shoes, spray your foot with dry shampoo and let them dry! Dry shampoo is basically a miracle product that we should all have in our summer bags.

You can also use deodorant to avoid blisters.


Say Goodbye To Thigh Chafing!

They look a little like garters, but Bandelettes are so much more!

Some of the best products are born from a creative person who experiences the problem and dreams up a solution.

So many of us experience thigh chafing in the summer when wearing dresses or skirts, just like one of the founders of Bandelettes! These very cute thigh bands slide on easily and are built to avoid any slipping or riding up. Not only do they work to eliminate chafing, but they look very cute even if they peek out!


No Melting Makeup!

Lanaiblo hair dryer. You might be surprised by how you can use this!

Tinted moisturizer is fabulous when you want some coverage but don’t want to sweat all your makeup off. But when a summer wedding or club night comes along, you want to wear makeup.

Before you leave, turn your hair dryer to the cooling setting (NEVER USE THE HEAT) and splash the cool air on your face to help the makeup settle!

For the best chance at keeping your makeup on all day, try a mattifying primer to keep it locked and loaded. We found some awesome recommendations at different price points from Sparkle & Mine.

Do YOU have any summer hacks that you use all summer?

Share with us in the comments below!

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