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Easy Self Improvement Projects To Do At Home

We know the struggle: how many times can you reorganize your closet or move your decor around?

With all of this time we’re spending at home, it’s easy to go a little stir crazy. While it’s great that we’re all doing our part to stay safe and keep others safe, we don’t want to sacrifice our own mental and physical wellness either. But cleaning and reorganizing and the same old self care routine can get boring really fast. 

This is where we have the opportunity to get our creative juices flowing, or at least bask in the creativity of other people sharing tips and tricks on the internet. We’ve found some small projects to do at home that you may not have thought about, from cleaning to self care and in between, that don’t take a lot of time or effort but may help bring a little bit of joy or positivity to your day. 

Develop A Daily Stretching Routine 

Stretching is a must! | Image via Canva

Everybody should be stretching every single day. Whether you stretch for five minutes in the morning or before a workout, stretching is essential for so many reasons. 

Countless stretches and stretching routines can be found on Pinterest, and you can combine movements in any way that works for your fitness and ability level. Stretching is a fantastic way to wake up your body and mind, gets you up and moving, and can be done at any time in the day, even multiple times a day. 

Find A New Green Habit 

The smallest of changes are always worth it. | Image via Canva

A lot of us have become more aware of how our individual decisions have impacted the environment. What you may not know is just how many simple, affordable, and easy solutions there are to reduce your environmental impact. 

If we all make small changes, we can have a significant impact on improving the world around us. Whether or not you swap one meal a week to a plant based meal, stop using plastic bags, make your own household product like a cleaning solution, developing a new green habit can be simple and may just inspire you to develop another, and then another!

Tackle One Uncommon Cleaning Task Per Week 

Think of all of those pesky little surfaces you never consider cleaning, and tackle just one a week. | Image via Canva

Cleaning can be daunting, especially deep cleaning, and since many of us have been cleaning and reorganizing a lot during our time at home, there may be some tasks we just keep putting off because we’re sick of it. 

If you pick just one uncommon cleaning task a week – say, thoroughly cleaning a window, cleaning under your stove burners, decluttering a drawer – those uncommon tasks are immediately less overwhelming, and will lead to a much cleaner home in no time. 

Try A 30 Day Minimalism Challenge

Minimalism doesn’t need to be a drastic lifestyle change. You can start small. | Image via Pinterest

During these unprecedented times, many of us have learned how to do without certain luxuries we may have taken for granted before, leading us to live more minimalist lifestyles. Becoming a minimalist, while it can be rewarding, can be very overwhelming. 

Instead of trying to completely overhaul your life, try a smaller challenge with very tiny, achievable tasks, that maybe expands over a week or a month. We found the one pictured above on Pinterest that we think anyone could manage safely and effectively. 

Do you have any goals you’ve set out to accomplish while spending more time at home?

Let us know in the comments below!

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