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Tips For Buying The Perfect Swimsuit

It might be a little bit hard to think about swimsuits right now with snow on the ground, but it’s only a matter of time before the warm weather is here! 

You may also be preparing ahead of time for a tropical vacation and just don’t know where to start when it comes to swimsuits

Mapale One Piece Lace Up Monokini Swimsuit

Shopping for a swimsuit can be a very daunting task. For some of us, we might just pick up the prettiest suit we see without really thinking about fit. For others, we might absolutely dread shopping for a bathing suit because of body insecurities or lack of options at certain places. 

We have some tips for finding the perfect swimsuit, which can be a lot similar to shopping for lingerie! Keep reading to find a swimsuit that’ll help you feel as good as you’ll look. 

1] Go For The Style You Like

Naturana Underwired Bikini

If you want to wear a string bikini, you should wear a string bikini. If you prefer to feel more covered up, a one-piece is a good go-to. If you like practical swimsuits without all the fuss, go for it!

The only reason your size is going to matter when shopping for a swimsuit is to find one that fits. That’s it! Don’t limit yourself to certain styles because you’re worried about what others might think. Wear what style you love and that’s it! 

2] Know Your Bra And Underwear Size Before Shopping

Naturana Underwired Versatile Bikini

A lot of two-piece suits or modern suits take into account bra size in the design process, so it’s important to go in knowing what your bra size is. If you have larger breasts and will be spending a lot of time soaking up the sun or being active in the water, it might be a good idea to have a swimsuit with cups or wires in the rotation. So if you haven’t been bra shopping in a while, get those boobs measured before shopping for swimsuits!

Knowing your underwear size is important too, because there’s a good chance you won’t be able to buy the same size bottom as your top. Finding a bathing suit that lets you mix up the sizing between the top and bottom could be ideal so you get the perfect fit. 

3] Material And Quality Matter

Speedo Endurance Shirred Tank Women’s Fitness Swimsuit

When it comes to swimwear, much like lingerie, a quality investment makes more sense in the long run than going for something cute and cheap that’ll last maybe one summer. When a swimsuit is constructed with your body in mind, it fits better, making you feel better about what you’re wearing. 

Material is important as well when it comes to the purpose of your swimsuit. If you’re looking to just hang out in the pool or by the beach, your options are really endless. If you engage in watersports or are doing laps, a more durable swimsuit material with some cups or added support is a much better option. 

4] Have Fun!

Eva Graphic Swimsuit With Hidden Underwires

Swimwear has become so much more than something practical. You can find beautiful patterns, interesting design details, varying degrees of coverage, and so much more. 

We said it before, but don’t limit yourself when it comes to style. Fit is key, but style is totally up to you. Certain bodies don’t have to choose certain types of swimsuits. It’s hard enough for most of us, no matter what size we are, to even feel comfortable in a swimsuit. So when you find one that makes you happy, rock it! 

Do you have any trouble finding a swimsuit?

We’re more than happy to help you; just leave us a comment!

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  • Levi Armstrong

    I’m planning to buy some new swimwear soon because my husband and I plan to go on a tropical vacation this summer. It’s great that you told me I should know my bra and underwear size before shopping to have an easier time finding the right swimwear to buy. I’ll keep this in mind since I plan to shop for new clothes and swimwear this weekend. Thanks.

  • admin

    Hello Levi,

    We’re so happy that you found our post informative! 🙂


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