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There’s a new craze going on in Hollywood these days-and not everyone is impressed by the latest fad.

It seems that more and more actresses are being caught around the sunny California streets showing their skin-and intimate apparel-through their outfits.




Personally, I think it’s a little embarrassing, and as I look at these girls, I am reminded so much of what my mother would say. If she saw me out in public showing my underwear, she would have a heart attack. Girls, can you relate?

It’s not just the newest batch of teen starlets that are donning revealing t-shirts, and pairing see-through tops with coloured bras underneath. Older, more established celebrities like Jennifer Aniston are falling in with the “peep show” trend as well.


Although many bold fashionistas may want to show off a little skin here and there, it’s something that many of us are more conscious of in our attire, especially in their professional lives – am I showing anything underneath?

Of course, people have mixed reactions on whether the “peep show in broad daylight” look is hot, or not. Classical tastes would wrinkle their noses at what they perceive as a blatant disregard to the rules, and more daring ladies would revel in the freedom to expose a bit of their lingerie.  It can definitely be trendy for more casual occasions, and in fact, many trends (e.g. for blouses) this season are a bit on the transparent side.

If you ARE planning on showing off your bra, make sure it looks pretty and presentable! Try contrasting colours or darker hues like black, purple or burgundy, for a racier look, nude bra for a barely-there, sultry look.  Bras in eye-catching colours like pink look best under a slightly sheer printed top (try to make your bra match with one of the colours if you do this).



For the more racy readers…dare to go wild. Just make sure that your lingerie wardrobe is fresh, clean, and pretty to be seen.

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