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In today’s society, having a small bust is almost considered a curse.  But don’t let yourself get discouraged, ladies! Bra size is just a number.

Even though the average bra size seems to be increasing, for reasons such as obesity, plastic surgery, sometimes the birth control pill, etc., smaller cup sizes are getting more emphasis within the lingerie market.  Allow me to give you some tips on how to shop lingerie for your smaller bust.

3033 Petites Lacy Padded Bra with Convertible Straps by Triumph International

3033 Petites Lacy Convertible Padded Bra by Triumph

First, you absolutely have to make sure you’re wearing the right bra size. As we all know, the majority of women (over 80%) are not wearing the right bra size. As a petite figure, it may be hard to come to peace with your bra size, but wearing the wrong size is definitely not helping.

Most people think when you have a smaller bust, you automatically need to add padding to make your breasts look bigger.  It is not always necessary because the lighter the fabric, the better and more natural a small bust will look.  So, choose fabrics like lace, which will make you feel sexy and free.

Another rule for shopping for petite bras: be aware that the more of your breasts we see, the bigger your chest appears. For example, in a balconnette bra (three-quarter coverage) or a demi cup bra (half coverage), the breasts are slightly more exposed than a full cup bra. This gives the impression of a slightly fuller chest rather than a flattened chest, making the most of your natural gifts.  (Avoid the tube bra because it flattens you.)

Great Expectations semi-sheer wire-free bralette by Blush

Also, the advantage with smaller breasts is that you don’t need that much support! So, you can opt for the fashionable triangle bra.  Plus, it creates spaces between the breasts, which creates the illusion of a fuller bust.

I hope those tips will enhance you confidence and help you embrace your petite bust!

Are you a small-busted gal? Tell us what your rules are when shopping for petite bras! Comment here below, or tell us on Twitter (@nowthatslingeri) and on our Facebook page.



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