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DIY Valentine’s Day

Flowers, jewelry, and chocolates, OH MY!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and many will flock to any of these items for a quick gift. With our pocketbooks still feeling the burn from the holiday season, and perhaps a desire to come up with a more thoughtful present, why not get creative and DIY this year’s Valentine’s Day? Consider a more meaningful approach and take some cues from these fabulous Pinterest finds.

52 Reasons I Love You

Image via The Prep Crew

All you need is a deck of cards, some paper, and a marker to create this simple gift, via The Prep Crew, that will keep on giving. Your mate will appreciate the time it takes to write 52 reasons why you love them.

Goodie Bouquet

Image via Amateur Hour Flowers

Treats are always lovely for Valentine’s, but how about putting together your partner’s favourite treats in a unique way? Grab some of the candies or chocolate bars they love, or even a small bottle of their favourite liquor or some tall cans of the brew they like. The possibilities are endless for this bouquet inspired by Amateur Hour Flowers.

I Love You More Than… Cookies

Image via Her Campus

Who doesn’t love a batch of homemade cookies? Add a special touch to some sweet cookies by writing little messages about how much you love them. Her Campus executes this gift idea beautifully, and it may require some frosting pens for your sweet words.

Twelve Months of Pre-Planned Dates

Image via the Thinking Closet

Finding the time and creativity for romance can be difficult for some couples, so why not take some of the stress off while also creating a beautifully simple Valentine’s gift? Visit Thinking Closet for the free printouts, and take some time to think of some romantic dates to enjoy when inspiration is needed.

Open When Letters

Image via Frugal Maine

This is a wonderful gift idea, but could be extra special for those who may not live with their significant other, or who have gaps of time apart. Frugal Maine came up with a brilliant idea to write a series of messages in unsealed envelopes for your love to read whenever they experience a certain milestone or struggle. Some suggestions for “Open When” letters could include when you’re feeling sad, when you’ve reached a goal, or when you have a fight.

Are you going to make any of these DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for your sweetie? Have some DIY of your own to share?

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