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Tips to keeping calm during the holidays

I know it sometimes seems impossible to get any relaxation time into your busy schedule, especially during the (often hectic) holiday season!  Here are a few ideas for quick doses of Me-Time whenever you get a chance to sneak away.

Sink into a bubble bath before bed. Even if you’re exhausted, taking a warm bath will help relax your muscles, letting you breathe and unwind before going to bed so you can sleep better and feel more energized in the A.M.  Use soothing scents like lavender, chamomile, jasmine or bergamot in your candles, aromatherapy, shower gel or moisturizing cream.
Keep a magazine, book or crossword puzzle with you. When you’re stuck waiting in line, riding in the taxi or subway, or just eating breakfast, get lost in a great story for awhile.  Even if it’s only for five minutes, you’ll give your busy mind a chance to rest.

Take a short walk or jog outside. Getting fresh air is a great way to get an energized boost during the day, and doing any exercise helps your body’s circulation, making you feel more relaxed, too.  Turn off your cell phone and just enjoy being outdoors!
Sing out loud to your favourite music! Singing is a natural and fun way to let your body release endorphins, hormones responsible for making you feel happy and less stressed.  Dance in front of the mirror with your hairbrush, belt out Patti Smith in the shower – just shake out your hair and let loose!
Stretch out your muscles and do some deep breathing. Yoga or stretching for even ten minutes a day can make a big difference in your stress level, not to mention the tension in your muscles.  Sitting at a computer all day can leave your body feeling cramped, achy and sore.  It’s important to breathe deeply to let the oxygen circulate throughout your muscles as you stretch.
Best of luck with all of your holiday planning & festivities!



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