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5 Ways to Enjoy a Long Weekend

Unwind with a great book.

Happy Independence Day & Canada Day weekend, everyone! Time to celebrate, and unwind!  Here are five ways to relax this long weekend – consider it a mini-vacation you definitely deserve.

1. Get some sun. Absorb natural Vitamin D from the sun while you get some fresh air.  Loosen up with a nice walk, bike ride, hike or any other outdoor activity to energize yourself – a much-needed change from being stuck inside all day.

Martha Stewart's grilled lamb kebabs

Martha Stewart's grilled lamb kebabs

2. Experiment on the grill. Invite some friends and family to share in some barbecued goodies.  Check out the Food Network for some great grilling ideas (Martha Stewart always has great recipes, too!).  Fun for the whole family!

3.  Watch one of your all-time favorite films. Induce positive feelings of nostalgia by re-watching a classic movie.  Hostess a girls-only movie night – remember how much fun those used to be?  Make it happen!

Unwind with a great book.

Unwind with a great book.

4.  Listen to some uplifting music. Sing along, dance around if you want, just enjoy yourself.  Whether it’s new or vintage, music rejuvenates us.  Download some new summery tunes or make a new mix of your favorites.

5. Read a good book.  Or magazine.  There’s nothing like lounging around the house in a nightie or your pajamas, curled up with a great read with a cup of coffee or a chilly fruit smoothie.

And most importantly… enjoy!





  • Cindy


    I liked your reminder to take time out to enjoy life. It’s so easy to miss the forest for the trees.


  • Amylynn

    Thats some good advice, sometimes it does get hard to remember to just stop and chill out we are so busy with work or kids or both lol for some people, its the little things that you can do to make things all better.. Very nice read…

  • admin

    We must always take some time to ourselves, to defuse and let the others around us do the same! Thanks for the comments, ladies! 🙂 Hope you’ll check back for more blogs soon!

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