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Women come in all shapes and sizes, and so do our bums. While we always want to embrace our shape we have for its beauty and uniqueness, there is nothing wrong with wanting to enhance or flatter certain attributes. We may not always realize that wearing certain styles can alter the appearance of the shape of our bum, and there are ways to accentuate the positive qualities. There are certain commonalities in the shapes of our bums, and there are also certain styles of panties that we can wear to give our booty the most flattering shape.

Inverted V Shaped Bums

If you have an inverted V booty, that means you have fullness at the hips and at the top of your bum. The shape of your bum becomes smaller towards the bottom. If you are looking to create a more round, consistent shape, consider a culotte panty, a brief, or panties with ruching on the bottom. A culotte is similar to a boy short, but contains more fabric around the hips that isn’t too constricting, so it’ll balance out the hips and the bottom of your butt. A brief can be recommended for all bum types, but the coverage around the entire bum will also offer a round shape, as long as they aren’t too tight. Ruching will create the added volume desired to even out your shape, while remaining flattering by camouflaging any unevenness.

Square Shaped Bum

From Left: Sadie Short With X-Static by Royce Lingerie; Kitty Hipster by Affinitas Parfait; Smart Panties Lacy Boy Short by Knock Out; Portia Semi-Sheer Boyshorts With Ribbons by Curvy Kate – All Panties from Now That’s Lingerie

A square shaped bum appears flat, while the hips and the waist are equal in size. A square-looking booty is common in those with straight body types. If you want to create a rounder cheeky look, consider a boy short panty. The boy short comes to around the middle of the cheeks, and a scalloped or lacy edge works well to create the illusion of roundness. If you’re looking to add volume as well to create the illusion of a bigger bum, consider a panty with ruching.

Round or Bubble Bum

From Left: The Back Story V-Shaped Semi-Sheer Lace Tanga With Satin Bow by Dreamgirl; Invisible Touch Seamless Cotton Thong by Naturana Exklusiv; Victory Thong by Blush Lingerie; Starlet Low-Rise Satin Thong by Curvy Kate – All Panties from Now That’s Lingerie

A round or bubble butt is fairly even in shape, and has a full appearance. While this is a desired look for many women, some women may feel insecure that their bubble bum makes them look bottom heavy. Women with these types of bums can pull off the tanga or the thong panty, as the shape doesn’t become affected by lack of coverage. With a bigger or a fuller bum, a bikini or a regular brief can run the risk of splitting the bum in unflattering ways, creating panty lines, especially if the panties do not fit properly. If you’re not comfortable in a thong, the tanga or Brazilian style of panty offer more coverage of the cheeks while creating the same effect as a thong.

Heart Shaped Bum

From Left: Forbidden Lace Sheer Low Rise Bikini by Triumph Lingerie; Metropolis Cotton Low Rise Bikini by Elita Lingerie; Sheer Desire Bikini Panty by Blush Lingerie; Smart Panties Lacy Bikini Panty by Knock Out – All Panties from Now That’s Lingerie

The heart shaped bum mimics the appearance of an upside-down heart; the bum is more narrow at the top, and flares out towards the bottom. The cheeks also tend to be fuller at the bottom. The bikini panty is the best option for trying to create a balance in shape. The fabric around the hips offers more volume in that area, which creates the look of a more even silhouette. String bikini panties are also an option for a heart shaped bum, but beware of the fit. It’s very easy to create an unflattering panty line if the panty doesn’t fit properly.

No matter what the shape of your booty is, the fit of the panty is extremely important. Not only can an ill-fitting panty create panty lines, unwanted muffin tops, and dig into other areas, but it can pose health risks as well. Panties that are too tight or ride up into certain areas can lead to uncomfortable conditions such as bladder infections and UTIs.

If you are concerned about highlighting dimples and cellulite (which are totally normal, by the way), consider materials such as cotton and lace for your panties. These materials are thicker and tend to smooth over any of these things, which may show depending on what type of clothing you are wearing.

There’s always a way to trick the eye with a little bit of consideration for the type of panty we choose. Even though we may not have the bum we desire, our bodies are still beautiful because they are unique to us!

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