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Cut It Out! Celebrities Bare A Little Bit

One of the many perks of being a celebrity is that there are several opportunities to dress up in incredible designs by some of the most famous fashion minds. Not only do these designers desire the exposure a celebrity can garner for their label, but they use celebrities as catalysts to set trends. That’s why we love watching celebrities and what they wear to special events. Perhaps one of the most anticipated events of the year for fashionistas everywhere, The Oscars, is one of the biggest predictors of what’s to come in fashion. This year, The Oscars proved that there’s one trend celebrities have been loving that is here to stay for a long time; showing some skin, especially with the cutout.

Cutouts can be strategically placed all throughout a garment to showcase a little bit of skin, or sometimes, a lot of skin. Often times, we see cut outs on the chest, along the natural waist, at the hips, or in the back. As celebrities train very hard to maintain very toned and very slim shapes, we often see them wear a combination of these cutouts in one garment that makes for a more risque look.

Many ladies might think that if she doesn’t have a celebrity’s body, she can’t wear anything with a cutout. That is so not true! Women of any shape and size can wear a cut out by keeping a few key things in mind.

The first thing is to consider the fit of the garment; this is important regardless of your size or shape. You want to ensure the piece fits you well so that it doesn’t dig into your body and create bulges that don’t exist. As important as it is for your garment to fit, it’s even more important that your undergarments fit! You want seamless options underneath that will allow the garment to sit comfortably on your body, without any lines or creases.

Another thing to consider is where the cutout is placed. If you aren’t a fan of your hips, wearing a dress with cutouts on the hips isn’t a good idea. The most flattering places for cutouts on most body types are the natural waist, the chest, just under the chest, and the shoulder or decolletage area. The natural waist and under the chest tend to be the smallest on a number of women, and, if the garment fits correctly, it can actually create the illusion of a smaller waist if that’s what you want.

In order to feel the best that you can in a cut-out garment, it’s vital to invest in some Body Tape! We have some on Now That’s Lingerie by Fashion Essentials, and it’s an absolute lifesaver to avoid any sort of wardrobe malfunction. You may not feel that you need it if you’re not wearing a low-cut item with cutouts in the chest, but it’s smart to carry it in your clutch regardless.

The best indicator for whether or not you can pull off a certain style is how you feel once you put it on. Confidence in your body and feeling sexy in what you’re wearing will always make you look good. So if you want to try this daring style, don’t be afraid to if you’re not toned and slim. Anybody and any body can rock a cutout!

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