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The internet universe exploded when the gorgeous Blake Lively proudly posted her baby bump reveal on her lifestyle website, Preserve. The stunning photo speaks volumes on the transformation of attitudes towards pregnant women and celebrities proudly showing off their baby bumps, instead of concealing them, as was once the trend.

Blake Lively’s pregnancy reveal on Preserve; Blake Lively with her baby’s father, Ryan Reynolds, via ET Online.

When we think of maternity wear, we used to think of tent-like mumus and peasant tops that would shy away from the contours of a baby bump. It’s not necessarily that society used to shame a pregnant woman, it’s that perhaps it was a way for women to conceal their changing bodies because they didn’t fit the ideals of the “preferred” female body type. It wasn’t always common for women to wear form-fitting clothing while pregnant, but now, baby bumps are one of the hottest accessories a woman can have!

Many of us follow celebrity pregnancies closely, as almost every day there is a new report of a celebrity suspected of being pregnant, or having recently announced their pregnancy. It is always a joyous occasion when a new life is beginning in this world, and we can draw a lot of inspiration from the way celebrity women handle their pregnancies. Celebrities like Kate Middleton, Jessica Simpson, and Kourtney Kardashian are celebrated for their unique maternity style, wearing high-profile designers, fashion-forward numbers, and most importantly, that stunning pregnancy glow along with dazzling smiles.

From left: The gorgeous Kate Middleton via TLC; Jessica Simpson in sequins via Pop Sugar; Kourtney Kardashian’s casual pregnancy style via Babyrazzi

These trend-setting female celebrities are showing off their changing bodies in glamourous, designer gowns or regular, everyday pieces like maxi dresses, straight maxi skirts, and form-fitting tops. They are contributing to a movement of women who no longer feel they have to be insecure about their changing bodies, and encourage them to revel in the miracle of being a pregnant woman.

Being a celebrity mom-to-be can also come with some negative feedback. Just looking at the case of Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy last year shines a light on how attitudes still need to be improved. Kim, like most pregnant women, gained some weight while she was expecting and faced a lot of ridicule for her changing body, as well as her daring wardrobe. Kim has always been known for taking risks in fashion, and so there was no reason she should have altered that because she was pregnant. Furthermore, Kim’s very public pregnancy also allowed for awareness into the challenges of pregnancy, which many women can relate to. It also reveals another angle of celebrity pregnancy, in that although magazines typically show them to be picture-perfect, are actually normal, just like the rest of us!

Kim Kardashian’s daring and elegant pregnancy style via E Online and Daily Mail.

When a woman is pregnant, it’s paramount for her to make her health, comfort, and mental state a priority. A sense of pride in her ever-changing body that is a vessel for her growing child can be reflected in the clothing she chooses to wear. If she likes to wear billowy clothing that travel away from the body and allows for breathing room, she should feel free to do so. Alternatively, if she wants to remain in tune with the style she has already developed, she should not feel limited.

Did you see You! Lingerie’s recent fashion show, where pregnant women walked the runways?

Maternity wear is evolving along with changing attitudes, and it’s very easy to find sexy, fashion-forward clothing designed with the pregnant body in mind. It’s important to look for items with lots of stretch and flexibility. That being said, a pregnant woman need not shy away from items with structure or non-maternity clothing as it’s all about comfort!

From left: Carrie Underwood in florals via ET Online; Rachel Bilson rocking a bikini via US Magazine; Zoe Saldana’s twins in an LBD via Express UK

Every experience is different for women who are expecting. Her body changes, her priorities change, but her sense of style doesn’t have to. It’s liberating to defy old norms in terms of maternity wear, and celebrity moms-to-be are helping pave the way with their newfound confidence for wearing whatever they want, no matter how risqué!

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