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Are you frustrated with your bra? You’re not alone!

Bra fitting can be very complicated. That’s why bra fitting experts like me can help you feel comfortable and confident in your bras.

If you have dealt with any (or all) of the bra fitting issues below, you’re most likely wearing the wrong size.

1. One boob/side fits well but the other is too tight.

Both sides of your body are not entirely symmetrical, We all have uneven breasts, but some of us have a more noticeable difference. Always remember to make sure your bra cups fit your larger breast, and you can use a bra pad insert for the cup of your smaller breast. Learn more about asymmetrical breasts in this blog: How to Fix Uneven Breasts.

2. The back of your bra is hooked at the tightest and keeps lifting up when you move.

This means that the back of your bra is too big. You should consider trying on a bra with a smaller band size or a different style that is better suited to your body shape. If you’re still having trouble finding a bra that fits well, it might be worth getting a professional bra fitting to help you find the right size and style for your body.

3. Your bra leaves red marks on your back / under your breasts when you take it off at the end of the day.

If you notice red marks on your skin after wearing a bra for an extended period of time, it could be a sign that the bra is either too tight or not properly fitted to your body. Red marks can occur when the bra band is too tight and puts undue pressure on your skin. Red marks can also appear under and around your breasts if the bra cups are too small, or if the cups have the wrong shape for your body (yes, that’s a real thing!).

4. Your cups fit well but your back feels tight around your rib cage.

The back on your bra is too small. This is a simple and easy fix that a bra back extender can help you with.

5. There’s a space between your breast and the bra cup, and your bra cups open up when you bend or move.

This typically happens because your bra cups are too big. I recommend sizing down in cup size if this is a common issue you face.

More tips from Celine The Bra Doctor® to help you avoid red marks caused by an ill-fitting bra:

1. Getting a bra back extender to hook onto the back of your bra to give yourself a few extra inches to play with. This will help if your bra cups and bra straps fit well, but your bra back is too small. Think of this as creating an “in-between” bra back size that’s customized for your body.

Bra extenders are also great if you happen to deal with arthritis or other conditions that create inflammation in your body, or if you experience frequent changes to your weight or get bloated occasionally. Even a five pound difference in your weight is enough to potentially change your bra size! My daughter also says she loves to have her bra extender on when she’s taking a flight, so that she can loosen or tighten her bra back depending on the changes in cabin pressure.

2. Wearing a bra with a looser band size can also help with the issue of too-small bra backs, but keep in mind that a larger band size also slightly increases the cup size. For instance, the difference between a 34C and a 36C is a wider back, but the cup of the 36C is also nearly equivalent to the cup of a 34D.

3. Try a different bra style or brand. Some brands design bras that may have narrower cups or a certain positioning of their bra straps or bra backs that may not work for your body – and that’s okay! That’s the beauty of having so many brands, styles, and sizes available to us. Not only do bra sizes change depending on your bra size, some brands may be designed using international size measurements you’re not used to, such as American versus Canadian versus European sizing.

4. Get a personal bra fitting! This is the most surefire way to make sure you’re not wasting your money and time, and compromising your comfort on bras that don’t fit you well. And I’m here to help you!

Have any questions about bra fitting?

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