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You’ve probably seen a lot of bra with those hook and eye closures, but what do they do? Why do some bras have different styles of hook closures?


Seamless Underwire Bra by Naturana Lingerie


Back band hook closures do a lot for your bra. They obviously help keep the bra secure on your body, but they also contribute to the fit and comfort of your bra. This in turn keeps you supported, which is what you want out of a bra.

Sky Illusion Demi Cup Double Layer Bra by Montelle Intimates

On most bras, you’ll see three or four columns of hooks. This helps you adjust the bra to fit you perfectly on any occasion. You may have lost a couple of pounds and need to make your bra tighter, or you may be bloating a bit and need some extra room. This is why you have these different columns of hooks; to customize the fit to your body even through its changes.


Romina Unlined Wire Bra by Parfait Lingerie


These hooks are also handy when you’re initially trying to pick a bra and determine whether or not it’s the right size. You want to aim for your bra to fit on the loosest hook setting. There are a couple reasons why. The first is that a bra stretches as you wear it, so being able to fasten your band tighter and tighter will help you get more wear out of the bra while it also fits you. The second is you’ll know that if it doesn’t feel right on either the loosest or tightest of the hooks, you’ll know whether or not you should go up or down a band size.


Modern Cotton Bralette by Calvin Klein


There are also some really cool accessories you can utilize with a bra that has a hook and eye closure. There are bra back extenders that can help loosen up your bra a bit for even more customized fit. They come in all different sizes and hook amounts so you can find one for almost any bra you have. There’s also a bra back converter that attaches to your bra to help lower the back band, which is perfect for lower cut dresses and tops.


Bra Back Converter by Fashion Essentials


So now you know: each part of the bra has its specific purpose and function, and they all come together to make a beautiful garment! Now you know about back band hooks – what else would you like to know about?

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