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Every time we get a Fashion Week, we get so excited to see what’s going to be hot and trending!

This past Pre-Fall 2019 Fashion Week was dazzling, fun, and refreshing. We’ve got some new trends to show you that we bet you’ll love as much as we do!

*all images are courtesy of Vogue

50 Shades Of Monochrome

It could be an outfit with all neutrals or all bright colors; it’s all about playing with one color to create a story in your outfit.

It’s an incredibly chic way to dress and show off your favorite color all at once. You can even play with shades of one color for a little bit of something vibrant and on-trend.

Ruffles and Pleating

Ruffles and pleating can add volume to any garment, which in turn adds instant drama and glamour to any outfit.

Ruffles and pleating aren’t going anywhere this year, and dare we say, it’s getting a little bit more dramatic. We’re here for it though!

Sky High Necklines

Fashion has become a little bit more conservative in the skin department, and with that comes the high necklines.

It could be an exaggerated or constructed turtleneck or even some ruffled Victorian-style; the high neck is chic and brings attention to your pretty face.

Purple Reign

Purple has been trending for a while, sure – but it’s not going anywhere!

This shade may just take over as the color of the year once again, in a whole array of shades. Everything from pastels to neons to dark jewel tones, there will be purple everywhere.

The Modern Suit 2.0

The suit has always been a classic, but was left to business people for a while. Now suits are back with a super stylish punch.

You’ll see asymmetric suits, skirt suits, short suits being played with as a fun twist on workwear. There’s also fun prints being added to suits, and some more lax yet chic pyjama inspired suits!

What is your favorite trend of 2019 so far?

Let us know in the comments below!

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