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Another year is almost over; can you believe it!?

2017 was a spectacular year for fashion and lingerie, as both became a little bit more liberated and a lot more inclusive. In anticipation for what’s to come in 2018, we’re reflecting on the trends that made our year very chic!

Velvet, If You Please

One of the most in-demand fabrics of the year was velvet- not just velvet clothing, but velvet everything!

Velvet made its way to lingerie, home decor, accessories, and the like, and we absolutely love all of it. The soft fabric is warm, super soft against the skin, and adds a luxurious touch to any ensemble or home.

We featured some of our favorite ways velvet had been imagined this year in one of our Bra Doctor blogs showcasing the major trend.

The Athleisure Life

Taking care of your body has never been so chic!

Sure, many of us who got into the athleisure trend weren’t working out all the time, but we can’t lie; seeing how celebrities wore their athleisure duds to the gym made us want to embrace the trend for more than just how cool it looked.

Showing off your sports bra, wearing some cool sneakers with your dresses or jeans, or even styling up your workout leggings were immensely popular for a generation of women who prefer comfort.

Rock Your Bodysuit

Ever since Khloe Kardashian debuted her Good American line wearing a lingerie bodysuit and jeans, bodysuits have become a staple in every woman’s wardrobe and Khloe has dominated the trend.

It could be a teddy or bodysuit that we work into our wardrobe, or it can be a simple cotton style. Either way, this t-shirt replacement was a cool way to look polished and trendy in any way you choose to wear it.

The Year Of The Slogan (Tee)

It’s no surprise that a year filled with social reform and political turmoil influenced fashion.

Many designers used their platforms to highlight issues they cared about, which resulted in the slogan tee becoming one of the biggest trends of the year. On a lighter note, slogan tees weren’t all serious this year, and it’s easy to find tees that are more cheeky and humorous.

Millenial Pink

Every year sees one color stand out from the rest as the shade du jour that everyone has to get their hands on. This year, it was pink!

Millenial pink remained relevant in 2017, while other shades of pink were also brought to the forefront of fashion and lingerie. The bright and cheery shade looks good on pretty much everyone and isn’t going to go out of style when a new color takes the reigns in 2018!

Lingerie Dressing

We’re sure you all know by now that lingerie dressing is one of our favorite trends – we get to show off our favorite Shop NTL pieces!

Lingerie is no longer a thing you wear for practicality that has to be hidden from the world. Instead, it’s something that can peek out from underneath your ensemble, or can be a part of your outfit. Celebrities are a huge proponent of this trend and we always love sharing their interpretations for your inspiration!

What was YOUR favorite trend of 2017?

Share with us in the comments!

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  • Anne

    My favourite trend was The Athleisure Life.
    And I’m pretty sure it will remain a trend in 2018.

  • admin

    We think you’re right! It’s comfortable, everyone can pull it off – and it encourages us to get active, which is good for everyone!

    -The NTL Team

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