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Happy 2018 everyone!

How many of you have listed getting healthier as one of your resolutions?

There are two important things you need in your arsenal to make this work. The first is the right mindset – don’t focus on losing weight; focus instead on how amazing you’ll feel from the inside out!

The second is to have the right tools to make it happen – and that means athletic wear! Don’t just settle for old sweats! Get motivated with the right athletic wear that’s fun, flashy, and yet very practical.

Wirefree Sports Top by Mapale

Don’t even think about working out before you have a good sports bra!

This wirefree option provides the support you need to get that workout in without sacrificing the comfort you want to move freely. The Stay Dry fabric allows wicks up your sweat – and if you’re not sweating, you’re not working out effectively!

Plus, this sports bra is super cute with its color blocking and criss cross back, and will go with all of your other cute athleisure pieces.

Chica Boyshorts by Miel

We know we need a sports bra, but it’s also important to wear the right underwear for a workout!

You want something lightweight, breathable, full coverage and well-fitting – you want to avoid any type of thong or tight panties made with lace or other dainty fabrics.

These boyshorts from Miel are perfect! Built with stretchy Spandex and antimicrobial Guardin technology, you can go hard in the gym while maintaining excellent hygiene.

Sports Jacket by Mapale

When you’re heading out for a morning jog and it’s a little chilly, throw on this jacket while heading out the door!

It’s thin enough that it’ll keep you warm as you start off your workout, but won’t get too hot when you’re getting into the groove and start sweating it out. The high neck style is also very trendy, and the contrast stitch detail helps give a cute curve to your upper half.

Triaction Free Motion Wire Free Bra by Triumph

Even when you’re doing yoga or meditating, it’s a good idea to wear a sports bra. This ultra light style is perfect for lighter workouts, but still has the capability to hold up to more intense routines.

The LYCRA fabric will help you get into any yoga position with ease while also letting you move easily through harder workouts. If you have sensitive skin that tends to break out after workouts, you’ll love this bra, as it’s more breathable than most to reduce irritation.

Leggings by Mapale

There’s no reason your workout wear has to be boring!

Add some fun and pizazz into your workout routine with these bright and exciting workout leggings. The kaleidoscope pattern offers endless possibilities for the cutest workout ensemble ever, which can actually be quite motivating!

The fit is quite flattering while also being ultra stretchy, so you can move about with ease.

Impact Free Wirefree Full Support Sports Bra by Royce Lingerie

It can be tough for a woman with a full bust to find a strong sports bra that’s also comfortable – well, not anymore!

This sports bra doesn’t need wires to keep you locked and loaded, making your workouts instantly easier. The cups are layered and the underband is durable so get physical all you want! You’ll be supported throughout.

Capri Pants by Mapale

When the warmer weather hits, these capri length workout pants are ideal!

Or hey, just show off your cute sneakers! Whatever the case, these capris are packed with the stretchiest material to sustain any workout, and they fit snugly and comfortably.

What are some of YOUR New Year’s resolutions?

Share with us in the comments below!

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