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We all need a trusty sports bra for our workouts, but we can also use them off-duty!

Work your sports bra into your wardrobe with some of these fabulous outfit ideas, inspired by your favorite celebrities and fashion bloggers.


#1. With A Skirt

When you think of sports wear, you automatically think of athleisure – but some sports bras are designed so beautifully, you can dress them up!

The Bound Bralette from Blush is the perfect sports bra for light activity, but its modern mesh detailing makes for a gorgeous, sexy ensemble paired with a high waisted skirt or pencil skirt.

You get the coverage you want on top, while showing a little bit of leg. Throw a jacket on top and you’ve got a highly stylized outfit that everyone will compliment you on!


#2. As A Vest, Over a Button Up & Leggings

Lingerie is exposed now, rather than just saved for underpinnings, so why not try your bra on top of your shirt?

We’ve seen this with the corset and bralette trends, but you can also do it with a sports bra! As long as it’s not too tight, you should be able to slide it over a button up easily, exposing the collar on top of the bra.

Pair this look with leggings and a pair of striking shoes and you’ve got yourself a street-style worthy #OOTD.


#3: A Makeshift Suit

You may not wear a suit every day to work, but chances are, with some pieces in your wardrobe, you could put one together. Whether it be a black blazer and trouser, or a bold printed blazer and a pair of black dress shorts, the options are endless.

Opt out of the blouse for a night out and try sporting one of your ultra-supportive yet fashionable sports bras. Sure, it’s a bold look, but hey – trying something new is fun!

With the blue and black Parfait Active Sports Bra, we picked up the blue for the blazer, and stuck with a simple black high waisted cigarette pant for the bottom.

Which one of these outfits would YOU try with one of your sports bras?

Let us know in the comments below!

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