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Top 10 Gifts For HIM This Holiday Season

Can you believe there is less than a month until Christmas?!

That’s right; it’s time to start thinking about making those shopping lists! Last week, we gave you our top 10 gift suggestions for the ladies, and now, it’s the men’s turn.

Men can be especially difficult for us to shop for, and so we’ve searched for the trendiest ideas alongside some #ShopNTL favourites to gift the men in your life in no particular order.

1. 100% Cotton Classic Short Sleeve 3 Pack V-Neck by Calvin Klein


Most men have to wear undershirts with their work clothes, so why not get him some of the best quality? They are the upmost in comfort with their cotton and elastane blend that keeps him cool and comfortable with a good amount of stretch.

2. Wooden Watch

from Tree Hut

from Tree Hut

A watch doesn’t just tell time; it’s an accessory that makes just as much of a statement as jewelry. The wooden watch is the hottest trend right now, and from Tree Hut, you can get them personalized for your special man.

3. Night Stand Oak Wood Valet

from Paybacks a Beach on Etsy

from Paybacks a Beach on Etsy

So he doesn’t leave all of his things laying around on the table, get him this very stylish valet that has a space for all his little things. He’ll have a spot for his watch, phone, glasses, and any jewelry he might wear.

4. Drawstring Unisex Charmeuse Pant by Dreamgirl Lingerie

He may be used to his sweats, but a little dose of luxury never hurt anyone. These silky charmeuse pants may look fancy, but they are just as easy to lounge in as his beat up sweatpants.

5. Make Your Own Bacon Kit

from Bacon

from Bacon

Men love their bacon! Now he can make his own with this kit and a slab of meat. It comes with all the fixings to give the bacon flavour, a curing bag, and some instructions for how to put it all together.

6. Bamboo Trunks by Natmen


Bamboo is wonderful for its breathability, making a bamboo underwear a great option for all day wear that locks in moisture and brings in air. He’ll love this trunk because of this, and for its elasticity that’ll let him move all day.

7. The Man Can

from Ames and Oates

from Ames and Oates

He should pamper himself just like you do, but he doesn’t always take the time to. Get him something to help him with that with this cool selection of naturally made toiletries presented in this cool can. A portion of the cost also goes to charity!
8. Personalized Wallet

from JooJoobs on Etsy

from JooJoobs on Etsy

Give him something simple like a wallet that will make him smile each time he looks at it. You can get this very handsome wallet personalized with his name, or even as the picture shows, with DAD if it’s applicable.

9. Portable Handheld NES Console

from Amazon

from Amazon

Gift him childhood nostalgia with this retro game system upgraded into an easy to hold console. He can play all his favourite video games from when he was young on this device.

10. Damn Handsome Grooming Products

from Society B

from Society B

Because, well … he is damn handsome! These products tap into the beneficial qualities of beer ingredients for a line of yummy yet nutritious ingredients for the skin. Plus, every purchase sends soap to a child in need.

Gentlemen, what are YOU hoping to get for Christmas this year?

Share your ideas with us in the comments below and they may inspire someone!

You can also follow us on Pinterest, where we’ll be setting up a board with more gift ideas for men, and on Facebook and Twitter to see the latest in lingerie and all sorts of trends.

Happy shopping!




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