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Bra Fitting Checklist! Do YOU Know If Your Bra Fits?

Share my Bra Fitting Checklist with your girlfriends, sisters & co-workers so we can all wear the right bra size! No woman should live in discomfort because she doesn’t know if her bra fits!


After 25 years in the lingerie industry, I've helped thousands of women feel confident and look fantastic in their lingerie. I'm the resident Bra Doctor for Now That's, which I founded over ten years ago as a way to help cater to the needs of as many women possible! I receive dozens of e-mails from women who can't seem to feel comfortable in their bras. I'm here to show that you CAN find a bra that works for you. Sometimes all you need are little tips! I hope you enjoy my bra fitting advice, experiences and thoughts. I'll also be sharing news about lingerie giveaways and deals that can't be missed. Contact me personally for personalized help finding your perfect fit:




  • Davina Brashears

    My daughter has had bra issues since she was 13! She is now 20 and getting msrried
    In July. She is stressing over her unevenbreast daily! We had her measured at VictoriaSecret, but one breast just bulges out ! They say shr is a 34 DD! Help!!!

  • admin

    Hi Davina,

    Congratulations on your daughter’s upcoming wedding! I’m sure it will be beautiful.
    I must say that whenever anyone tells me they got fitted at Victoria’s Secret, I know they are wearing the wrong size. For one thing, your daughter should never wear a bra that makes one breast (or both) bulge out because this means it’s TOO SMALL (and it’s unhealthy to wear bras that are too small)! In the case of uneven breasts it’s CRUCIAL to get a bra to fit the LARGER breast while the smaller side can get evened out with the right type of bra pad. Some bra styles will also help to naturally minimize the appearance of asymmetry in her breasts.

    You should definitely send her to my blog about how to fix uneven breasts:

    If she still has questions please tell her she can contact me any time for personalized help for her exact size and needs:

    Have a good time at the wedding, Davina! 🙂

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