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Sometimes it feels like finding the perfect bra is like finding the perfect partner – when do you ever really know, and how do you pick with all the possibilities?

Well, at Now That’s Lingerie, our team and the Bra Doctor are dedicated to help you fall in love with all things lingerie, which of course means bras too. We have endless tips to help you pick and try and determine the perfect fit.

There are some little problems you might be noticing with your bras that may make them uncomfortable. You might not even notice some of these problems, too. However, trying some of these easy fixes to these problems might make you totally love that one bra in your closet that you don’t always turn to.

The Cups Have The Slightest Gap

Triumph Modern Finesse Padded Spacer Cup Underwire T-Shirt Bra

You already know that you’re not supposed to have gaping in your bra cups.

But sometimes, you might find a bra in your size that has just the slightest gaping. It’s so small, but going down a cup size would make it too tight.

Don’t forget about your sister sizes – you might usually be a 36D, but some bras may fit better if you try a 38C! Playing with your sister sizes may help that bra go from almost fitting to a perfect fit.

The Back Band Isn’t Completely Straight

Carole Unlined Unpadded Lace Bra by Parfait Lingerie

You may notice this when you first buy a bra. You just know it’s the right size, but when you do it up, the back band isn’t totally straight. It’s almost there, though.

You might just have to change which hook you fasten your bra on. You should try the loosest hook and see if that helps. If you need a little bit more room, you can try a back extender.

The Straps Are A Little Loose

Pure Plus Smooth Front Closure Ultimate Back Smoothing Bra by Montelle Intimates

This is always going to happen when you get some wear out of your bra. That’s why you should always be adjusting your straps until you’re the most comfortable.

If the elastic in your straps is really losing steam, you don’t have to say goodbye just yet. You can get some inexpensive replacement straps to maintain the bra’s life.

The Bra Is The Right Size, But Feels A Little Loose

Salamanca Lace Underwired Bra by Naturana Blue Label

This one may seem like a given, but lots of ladies forget how important it is to wash your bra regularly. Even if the bra is in a big rotation with lots of other bras, you should still be washing it after a couple wears.

The bra may feel loose because it hasn’t been washed in a while. It’s kind of like jeans – the more you wear without washing, the looser they feel.

Do you have any problems with your bras that we haven’t mentioned?

Be sure to leave a comment and we’ll help you out! You can also reach out to our Bra Doctor if you need more specialized help.

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  • Lynette Sims

    Bought a bra with wide straps everything fits except the straps are too short even on the lingest strap position can’t even put my arms in too pull up straps

  • Lynette S

    Bought a new bra from curvy every things fits except the straps are very short even when I have set on the longest strap length can’t even get the straps to fit when trying to pull straps up onto my shoulders

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