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Women of all shapes and sizes deserve to find bras that suit their body type and make them feel confident, and it’s not just women with larger busts that struggle. There is a misconception that petites have an easy time shopping for clothing and lingerie, because it’s believed that designers cater to these women. This is not always true, and we understand that. Shopping for bras can be just as tricky for a petite woman as it can be for any other woman. Now That’s Lingerie has lots of styles of bras, from flirty and fashion-forward, to simple and cozy, that can help give a petite woman the proper support and even give her some extra lift and padding if she desires.

Before a petite woman goes shopping, there is one thing she must do. She needs to be measured! It is just as crucial for a petite woman to know her proper bra size before she begins shopping for bras.

Once you know your size, make sure you shop that size! Going a size up in a bra with lots of padding to “emphasize” your bust doesn’t work.You can find padded bras in your size that will embrace the gorgeous shape you are and emphasize your breasts in a natural way.

Lastly, if you aren’t looking to emphasize your breast, go for a bra with a fuller cup. The more full your cup is, the more accurate your breasts will appear in terms of size. A demi cup, however, will create the look of a fuller breast.

Now that you’re ready to shop for petite-friendly bras, here are some options straight from Now That’s Lingerie!

Petites All Over Lace Padded Underwire Push Up Bra by Triumph Lingerie


Designed specially for women with A or B cups, this gorgeous vintage-inspired lace bra offers a stunning lift that’s comfortable, but will create some nice cleavage. The straps are also adjustable to a variety of different styles, to take this bra throughout multiple styles of outfits. The back strap is also a little bit small, so going up a band size may be a good option for more comfort.

Dotty Play Convertible Longline Strapless Bra by Blush Lingerie


Indulge in a big trend that will also work well for your petite bust with this polka dot convertible longline bra that is so very versatile. You’ll find that you get ample lift and cleavage, while feeling well-supported with comfort and ease. You can add straps if you wish to this bra.

Infinite Lace Customized Lift Bra by Calvin Klein


Here’s a great bra for a woman who wants to be lifted up. This bra is built with special padding that offers a support like no other. Get the look of an ultimate push up with the softness of a regular bra. You’ll feel rounded out and feel like you’re getting the support you need and desire, but will still feel comfortable and relaxed.

Coquette Sheer Lace Underwire Demi Bra by Montelle Lingerie (1)

If you’re a lover of lacy numbers, you want this stunning lace demi bra that comes in a variety of beautiful colours. The demi cup is incredibly flattering to any breast shape, and the underwire is comfortable enough for subtle lift and support.

Missy Petal Two Pack by Royce Lingerie

Get two bras that are designed with the petite bust in mind. The cups are moulded for a seamless and balanced look underneath clothing, and are shaped at a flattering angle. One bra comes in this pretty pattern, and the other is white to meet your basic needs.

Fanciful Floral Lace Quarter Wire Bralette by Blush Lingerie

0232610-fanciful-bralette-blush-now-thats-lingerie.com2 (2)

It’s a little bit easier for a petite woman to wear a bralette, as it has enough support for her because her breasts don’t carry much bulk. This triangle shaped bralette is a very flattering option, and would work fabulously under t-shirts and simple tops.

Do you have any inquiries as a woman with a petite bust that you’d like us to discuss on our Bra Doctor blog? Let us know in the comments below, or reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter. You can also pin these styles from the blog and follow our Pinterest board for more lingerie tips, as well as watch our YouTube videos for excellent lingerie tricks and tips.




  • Patricia M Hardrick

    I wear a 36B most of the time but my problem usually lies in the fit of the straps. Most bras are too long in the strap even after I adjust them to their shortest length. When it comes to petites all the empasis is on cup size & back. I am currently cutting about 2″ of the straps of 4 new bras and sewing the straps back on.

  • admin

    Hello Patricia,

    I hope all is well.
    I can definitely understand that issue and can confirm that not all bras are made the same. A strap adjuster like this one can help. It brings together the straps and ensures that they won’t fall. I welcome any questions you may have so don’t hesitate to let me know if you do. Sincerely, Celine 1-855-521-4244

  • Debbie

    Hello! I am 5’1″ tall. I have been measured as a 36DD. My problems are: regular bras are too wide under my arms. I have a bra with underwire and the bra literally bends in half under my arm. When I look specifically for “short torso” bras this issue is not addressed. I have a very expensive 36DD underwire bra that literally bends in half under my arm! Underwire and all!
    Also, I have to pull my straps up so high and that makes the under arm issue worse!! Please, please any suggestions?

  • admin

    Hello Debbie,
    Thank you for contacting us.
    The band is usually relative to both support and style.
    You can have a bra band altered by a seamstress or try a style like the following one
    The size can also be a factor. You have the wrong band size if you lift your arms and the band moves. You have the wrong cup size if the cups crease or if the breast tissue overflows on the sides.
    I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have so don’t hesitate to ask.
    Have a great day.

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