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Bras To Wear When Your Breasts Are In Pain

Our breasts go through a lot of changes; every month, every year, and every few years. A lot of those changes will also bring about pain, sensitivity, and tenderness. 

No matter how often you might experience breast pain, there’s no denying that one of the last things you’ll want to do is wear a bra. However, sometimes you might feel like you need to, or you want to and just don’t know which bra to pick. 

If you’re not feeling like you can just go braless, here are some bras to wear when your breasts are in pain. 

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Andalucia Wireless Padded Soft Bra by Naturana Blue Label

A supremely soft, high-quality wireless bra is ideal for tender breasts, because there’s no lack of support there. 

This soft bra has enough structure to shape and lift your bust, but in the softest way possible to avoid any constriction or pain. 

Montelle Wireless Semi Sheer Microfiber Bra

Once again, you don’t need wires for support. 

This beautifully simple bra has cute mesh details and soft microfiber material that feels soft and looks cute. There is a ton of stretch and breathability so you can go all day feeling supported without added pain. 

Parfait Wireless Lace Adriana Bralette

A bralette is a pretty standard choice for when your breasts are feeling sensitive or tender. However, you want to go for one that’s made well and still has support. 

Bralettes are soft and delicate, meaning your breasts feel at ease. This bralette is structured for supporting breasts, even if they are a bit larger. 

Triumph Triaction Free Motion Wireless Sports Bra

A lightweight, wireless sports bra is a nice option to have, because they are built to support without the constriction. 

This sports bra is made for light activity, and even helps reduce sweat and moisture. It’s ideal if you also deal with sensitive skin while your breasts are sensitive. 

Wire-Free Supportive Racerback Bra by Miel

Miel bras are made with patented Guardin technology that feels great on the skin, but also helps fight sweat and bacteria. 

This bra has nice stretch and is as supportive as it is comfortable to wear. 

Play It Cool Warner’s Wire-Free Contour Bra With Lift

If you can find a bra that is specifically built to add to your comfort, that’s of course the best thing when your boobs are in pain. 

This lovely and cozy Warner’s bra is made with material that helps cool you down, controls moisture, and is seamless. 

*Note: If you’re experiencing really bad pain or tenderness, new pain, or pain that accompanies any kinds of lumps, bumps, or any other abnormalities, make sure you talk to your doctor just to be safe!

What do you look for when it comes to trying to find a comfortable bra?

Let us know in the comments below! 

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  • Michele

    Hello I’ve been through he’ll and back with my breast cancer breasts are very sore and tender, I’m looking for something comfortable yet hoping you can suggest something for me thank size is 3x thank you so much…..Michele

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