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Owning your style means not being afraid to wear whatever makes you feel good, and sometimes, it’s fun to look to others for inspiration when we’re feeling like making a change.

That’s why we love celebrity style; it’s nice to see creative people mix and match different pieces to make a cool look. Some celebrities have mastered the lingerie dressing trend – one of our faves – and we can all take some hints form them to add some spice to our ensembles. We’re reflecting on some of these celebs’ incredible looks from the past year and what we can learn from them!


Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid
perhaps has one of the most refreshing, creative senses of style we’ve seen in a long time. How she manages to put things together is a craft we’d love to learn. She’s also clearly a fan of wearing lingerie, and loves incorporating it into the best outfits.

One of Bella’s best strategies for wearing lingerie with her outfits is putting together an ensemble and forgoing a typical shirt. From her Canadian tuxedo with a bra and mesh top, to her plaid suit with a white bra underneath, she manages to coordinate her lingerie perfectly. She’s also a fan of satin ensembles which can look so chic and feel so comfortable!

Bella can even make the simple bodysuit look chic paired with a simple denim skirt. What look CAN’T she pull off!?


Kendall Jenner


Kendall Jenner is another lovely stylista who loves getting a little sexy from time to time, and that usually involves lingerie influenced garments.

Nobody can forget that La Perla number she wore to the Met Gala this year – it was racy, it showed a lot of skin, yet was surprisingly elegant! She’s not afraid to show off her lingerie on a red carpet, but always manages to remain classy and sophisticated while doing so.

While she’s out, she’s not afraid to show off her lingerie style either. It can be a casual ensemble, such as her ripped tee and bralette combo at a festival, to a coordinated blue top and sheer skirt on a night out with Cara Delevingne.


Jennifer Lawrence


We’ve seen Jennifer Lawrence go through a few style transformations in her day, and over the last year or so, we’ve seen her embrace lingerie outside of the bedroom.

Lawrence is a master at finding the cutest slip dresses and gowns inspired by lingerie with corset details and slinky silhouettes. From her Dolce and Gabbana corset-infused dress at an event to the latest chemise-inspired black dress at the ELLE Women in Hollywood awards, it’s clear she’s a fan of the trend and the trend is a fan of her!

She’s also embraced the versatility of bralettes and bra tops when she’s on and off duty. However she wears her lingerie, she always does it with a sense of coolness and sophistication.


Kim Kardashian West



If Kim Kardashian West can teach us anything about fashion, it’s that life is a runway and we should feel free to wear whatever we want.

She’s not afraid to show her body in any situation. Look at one of her latest lingerie looks where she stopped at a gas station wearing a bra, a jacket, and a skirt ensemble. We’ve seen a few looks of hers featuring a very tiny, thin bra in lieu of a top and it’s a super sexy look!

Her incorporation of knee high socks with a blazer dress on a night out with her sisters is also a genius look; very sexy and powerful!

Who do you think masters the lingerie dressing trend the most?

Let us know in the comments below!

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