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Take what you thought about shapewear and forget it.

There are so many misconceptions on what shapewear is, and many women don’t take advantage of its benefits because of them. We’re here to show you how shapewear can be for everyone, and how you can enjoy wearing it!

High Waisted Stretch Shaping Brief by Hooked Up Shapewear

The worst misconception about shapewear is that it’s for people who carry more weight in their midsection. But let’s be real – none of us, no matter our body type, don’t have a lump or bump somewhere. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and it’s natural. But if it doesn’t go with our outfit? Shapewear can help with that!

Shapewear Body by Cybele

Indulging in shapewear, especially for a day where maybe you’ll be photographed a lot or want to feel your best, doesn’t mean you hate your body. It doesn’t mean you’re hiding your curves, and it doesn’t mean you’re trying to look skinny.

Air The Sculptor All In One Body Shaper by Body Hush

Let’s face it – shapewear doesn’t make anything “disappear.” It just helps create a more evenly distributed shape and smooths everything out. If you’re very pro body positive, that’s awesome! It doesn’t mean that you wearing shapewear takes anything away from that.

Urban Shaping Arm Control Camisole by Body Hush

Speaking of shapewear, when you think about it, do you just mainly think of shaping underwear? Well, there’s so much more to the shapewear world than that! You can actually find shapewear shorts that will help you smooth your thighs if that’s your problem area, or even shapewear tops that will help smooth out your back, your midsection, and even your arms!

Smoothing Brief by Montelle Intimates

Even if a woman could benefit from shapewear, she might refuse it because she thinks its uncomfortable. However, there are different levels of shapewear intensity, and it’s all about sizing. Women tend to buy shapewear smaller than their actual size because they think it’s going to be more effective. Don’t do it! It’ll feel awful to wear and it can actually be harmful to your body to constrict it so much.

Panty Hurdles Maxi Brief by Naturana Lingerie

Really pay attention when you’re shopping for shapewear so you can make sure you find the right size. Read the descriptions, see if there are measurements, check what intensity of shaping you get with it. Think about what you’re buying it for too. Do you want something full body, or just want to target one area?

Don’t forget – you can also chat with our Bra Doctor if you just don’t know what to buy!

So, do you REALLY need shapewear? Maybe, but it’s actually amazing to have. We think you should have it, regardless of your body type. Even if it’s as a safety net if you’re not feeling so great and need that little boost.

What’s your opinion on shapewear?

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