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When you think about starring in a boudoir photoshoot, what comes to mind?

Do you think you’d only ever do it for a wedding gift? Or do you shudder at the mere thought of getting in lingerie and posing in front of a camera?

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Well, we happen to believe a boudoir session is something any and every woman can benefit from, not just as a gift. While it makes an unforgettable present for a wedding night or a special birthday, it can really do so much more for YOU.

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Most women, regardless of their body type, would get nervous stripping down and letting a photographer snap away. It’s a scary thought. But isn’t facing your fears incredibly empowering? It would feel so liberating and incredible to work it through those nerves and insecurities to come out on the other side with not only stunning photographs, but fantastic memories!

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A boudoir photoshoot is also a wonderful way to celebrate your body for what it is, what it’s been through, and where it will take you in life. Whether you’re pregnant, have had kids, can’t have kids, or have experienced some sort of physical trauma – you can chronicle your body in everlasting photos or you to cherish. Better yet, you can get it framed and hang it as art! After all, the body is beautiful art in itself.

Think about how fun it would also be to dress up! There is so much beautiful lingerie out there made for all body shapes and sizes. You would have an excuse to treat yourself to an outfit or two and a matching set. Every time you get dressed in that particular lingerie, you can reminisce on that time you sassed it up in a fun and flirty photoshoot!

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We truly believe that the boudoir photoshoot being something only for models or for gifts is a misconception, and anyone who works in boudoir photography would totally agree. It’s a special, intimate, and unique thing to do for YOURSELF, to celebrate your beauty, conquer your fears, confront your insecurities, and best of all, have fun while doing it!

Have you ever done a boudoir photoshoot? Have we convinced you to think about it?

Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Tim Yaotome

    I never thought that women who go into a boudoir photo shoot can make themselves feel better whether they are carrying a child or recover from physical trauma. Reading this tip gave me an awesome idea for a Christmas gift. I will find a photographer and surprise my wife with one so that she can boost her self-image and self-worth.

  • admin

    Hello Tim!

    We think that’s a beautiful gift idea. A photographer can truly help her find the beauty within herself, and some fun lingerie can help too! We hope she enjoy it!

    – The NTL Team

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