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Lingerie Language Decoded Part 2: Styles

Now that we’ve covered the parts of lingerie in Lingerie Language Pt. 1, it’s time to delve into styles and descriptors related to the lingerie world. This handy guide will help you when it comes to figuring out what type of bra or panty may work for you, and will also help you understand the difference between styles.

Push Up Bra

A push up bra contains padding that is on an angle in order to push the breasts inwards, enhancing the appearance of smaller breasts and creating excellent cleavage. A push up bra is a fantastic option for those who are hoping to make their breasts appear a bit larger to fill out a particular garment, or those who are insecure about where their breasts fall.

Demi Cup

A demi-cup bra, also referred to as a half-cup, covers anywhere from half to three quarters of the breast, with angled padding to push the breasts inwards, similar to a push up bra. Many designs feature straps towards the outer edge of the cup, and the cup tends to come to about an inch over the nipple. The demi-cup is a sexy option that offers great cleavage. A balconette bra is very similar, only it tends to be more revealing.

Plunge Bra

A plunge bra is the answer to your low-cut dress problems! The centre gore falls lower on the torso, to allow for invisibility when wearing a low-cut item. Angled cups enhance cleavage once again by pushing the breasts together.

Moulded Bra

Also called a contour bra, these seamless bras contain padding or foam all throughout the cup in a thin layer in order to create and maintain a strong, round, even shape. If you’re concerned about looking symmetrical, these are the bras for you. You can find them in so many styles, so you don’t have to sacrifice a sexy or favourite option.

Strapless Bra

A strapless bra either comes without straps, or straps that can be removed, and vary in style. Usually designed with wider bands or stronger underwire in order to still include lift and support, strapless bras offer an option to wear several types of garments without any bra straps showing. Many strapless bras also feature rubber edging on the top inside of the cup in order to add security.

Triangle Bra

The cups of a triangle bra appear in a triangle shape, offering a little glimpse of cleavage and, sometimes, even some of the sides of the breasts. A smaller bust looks wonderful in a triangle bra, and can be found without underwire for a more liberating feel.

Minimizer Bra

A minimizer bra is designed to make the breasts appear smaller, while also altering the shape of the natural breast. This could be ideal for a woman who wants to lock in her breasts, or can even be an option for those garments that are just a little bit too snug on the breasts.

Full Cup Bra

A full cup bra is pretty much what’s in the name; these bras feature a cup that covers the entire breast. A full cup bra is ideal for a woman with a large breast to offer coverage and a seamless look.

T-Shirt Bra

A t-shirt bra is specially designed without any visible underwire or hooks, in order to appear invisible under thin garments, such as a tee. They may come with padding, but are very smooth and even in appearance. Suitable for ALL breast types that want to look cute in a tee! Bras with spacer cups are very similar, although tend to be a lot lighter.

Long Line Bra

A long line bra is a very modern yet vintage-inspired bra style with fabric, usually lacy, extending from under the cups to the natural waist. This style of bra can lead to a seamless look under the bra line by smoothing out the waist. Women with a larger breast should look for a style with cups, but these bras can work for just about everyone.


Obviously modelled similarly to the bathing suit, bikini style panties are made in a variety of materials, and have a thin band that runs along the top of the hips. Bikini styles can also come in various degrees of coverage. The waist band runs along the hip line or just under the belly button.


A classic style, the brief can be either high waisted or mid rise, and the bottom extends just below the top of the thigh. A brief is best for one who wants a lot of coverage, but these are not suitable for body conscious clothing styles.


Absolutely the most risque panty, a thong offers little coverage, with a tiny piece of triangle shaped fabric covering the front, extending along the sides with thin strings of fabric, and minimal to no coverage on the rear end. Some thongs are designed with thicker straps and a little more coverage at the back, but tend to be skimpy to look seamless and invisible under clothing.

Boy Short

A boy short resembles a man’s boxer short, and tends to cover a small portion of the upper thigh and most, if not all, of the buttock. Made in a variety of materials, a boy short can be anywhere from practical to subtly sexy. A boy short tends to be low rise or mid rise.


A brazilian panty is similar to a thong, but the straps at the back tend to fall to the middle of the butt cheek. Therefore, you maintain the sexiness of a thong but with a little bit more skin covered. Sometimes, you can find the brazilian cut in different styles of panties like thongs or bikinis. It’s basically a tamer version of a thong. A tanga panty is similar, but with a wider waistband.


A cheeky panty is designed similar to a boy short, only they allow the bottom half, or about a third of the bottom of the butt cheek, to peek out underneath. A lacy version is a great seamless option, as long as they fit well!


A hipster panty sits along the hip line, making it the lowest rise option. They look similar to either a bikini or a boy short, and work well for slimmer physiques.

High Cut/French Cut

Similar to a bikini in design, a high cut panty appears to curve from the pelvic bone, over the hip, and down around the side of the butt cheek. They tend to be high rise, and offer a sexy vintage option to your underwear collection.

While there are so many more terms we could have added, we hope this guide helps you understand what all of these types of lingerie mean to make shopping Now That’s Lingerie fun and easy! Let us know if there are any other terms we can clarify for you. Share with us in the comments below, or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube!



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