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Lingerie Tips For Women Over 60

Getting the most out of your lingerie doesn’t have to stop when you get to a certain age. 

Our bodies change as we get older and wiser, meaning that what we need out of our lingerie could differ. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t also have fun with it and release our inner sex goddess!

For a lot of women over 60, they may be experiencing life changes such as menopause, their breasts may not be as perky as they once were, and they may be after more comfortable options. 

We have some lingerie tips for women over 60 to show you that lingerie can still be a lot of fun!

Bra Fittings Are Still Necessary

Just because your breasts may not go through the size fluctuations like they do when you’re younger, doesn’t mean there won’t be any changes at all. It’s still very important to get regular bra fittings. 

When you’re in a bra that fits, there’s less strain on your body, and you’ll feel much more comfortable. 

Look For Certain Features In Your Bras And Underwear

This bra features technology that keeps you cool and wicks away moisture. | Lele Wireless Racerback Removable Padded Bra by Miel

When it comes to bra shopping, looking for bras with strong straps and bands that contribute to support is a great way to ensure the lift you want is there. A quality bra is key to reduce the pain and discomfort that you definitely don’t want to deal with. 

If you’re going through menopause or other life changes, there are also bras with cooling technology or special fabrics that increase breathability. These styles are modern and comfortable and help you feel so much better while you’re going through those changes. The last thing you need is a bra that sticks to you and makes you feel worse!

When it comes to underwear, seamless styles, or styles made with cotton or breathable fabrics like we mentioned above is ideal. And no, it doesn’t have to be granny panties all the time, even if they are coming back in style!

Don’t Limit Yourself

The Charlotte bra from Parfait is one that works for anyone and everyone! | Parfait Charlotte Padded Moulded Balconette Satin Underwire Bra

If you love lace and sexy things, don’t turn away from all the frills and pretty details!

There are some really fabulous brands –  like Triumph, Parfait, Warner’s, and Montelle, to name a few – that focus on styles that are suitable for all body types and all stages of life, without forgetting about stylish details that make you smile. 

There is no time limit for when you deserve to feel good about your body and feel sexy in what you’re wearing. If you’re having trouble finding that balance between what’s comfortable for you and what makes you feel beautiful, just ask us! We’re happy to help. 

There Are Accessories That Can Help

These little things offer big relief. | Silicone Shoulder Cushion by Fashion Essentials

We have some accessories that might come in handy for you that’ll help tailor your lingerie to your personal comfort level. 

For example, shoulder cushions can easily slip underneath your bra straps to help reduce shoulder pain and strain, as well as prevent your straps from digging into your shoulders. Bra pads can also be used either to make your breasts appear more even, or add some shape and depth to your breasts if that makes you feel more comfortable. 

There are also clear shoulder straps if you want to wear a strapless bra, but just don’t feel comfortable going without any type of strap. 

Check out even more accessories here!

As you can see, shopping for lingerie doesn’t change dramatically with age. The most important things are to know your size, know your breasts, and listen to your body and its comfort level. There are no limits to what styles you can enjoy; sometimes it takes some trial and error to learn the intricacies of your body, like maybe your breast shape or depth. 

Do you have any specific lingerie questions that we didn’t tackle in this post?

Let us know in the comments below or reach out to our Bra Doctor!

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