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All of us have that one body part we just can’t be happy about. It’s something we often try to hide, or at least, don’t try to accentuate.

Now, how would you feel about shaking things up a bit, and using the power of lingerie to embrace that body part? That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to show it all off. You can just use lingerie to maybe smooth a couple things or helps flatter that body part to help you rethink how you feel about your body insecurities!

Here are just a few common things that we all get insecure about sometimes, and what piece you can use to start embracing it!

Stomach: High Waisted Panty

Triumph Contour Sensation High Waist Panty Brief

High waisted anything can really flatter your stomach, no matter its size or structure. A high waisted piece does help smooth things out a little bit while showing off your curves.

Small Bust: Comfortable, Modern Push Up Bra

Prodigy Ultimate Push Up Bra by Montelle Intimates

A push up bra doesn’t have to push you up to the sky. A modern push up bra does have soft, comfortable padding that just helps enhance the natural breast you have. It’s not about making your bust look fake.

Big Bust: Minimizer Bra

Olga Cloud 9 Full Figure 2 Ply Underwire Minimizer Bra Lace

A minimizer bra has the structure to support all of your bust. They keep all of it together, which does typically reduce the look of your bust size, without pushing them in.

Strong Thighs: Shaping Shorts

Air The Sculptor All In One Body Shaper by Body Hush

A shaping short is fabulous for helping you feel like you’re not jiggling, which can happen to all of us no matter how thick or thin our thighs are. A bonus: these can help eliminate chafing!

Small Bum: Brazilian Panty

Montelle Silver Dreams Lace & Mesh Brazilian Panty

A brazilian panty is so soft and easy to wear, coming in any size or material. It can also help show off the curvature of your bum no matter how big or small it might be, helping it look cute and round.

Fuller Bum: Seamless Panties

Perfect Body Low Rise Narrow Brief by Naturana

A seamless panty won’t dig into your cheeks or thighs. It doesn’t make your bum look smaller, but can make it look much better in anything tight or flimsy.

Are there any other things we can recommend the right lingerie for? Let us know in the comments below!

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