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New to NTL: Hooked Up Shapewear

Say hello to Hooked Up Shapewear, one of the newest brands we are proud to offer on Now That’s Lingerie. Hooked Up Shapewear is the brilliant invention of Tara Cavosie, a mom and wife who decided to fill a void in shapewear that she was experiencing herself. She became frustrated when she turned to shapewear while having her own insecurities about her body, and encountered too many problems that, combined with her personal struggles, brought her to tears. Being a fixer, she decide to address the issues she found with shapewear and find solutions to it herself. Thus, Hooked Up Shapewear was born, and women are now offered comfortable and practical shapewear with stylish attributes inclusive of all women’s body types.

We are excited to share Hooked Up Shapewear with our Now That’s Lingerie shoppers as they are helping us make women feel sexy and confident with their unique and beautiful bodies and fulfilling their needs with a diverse range of products.

Take a peek at a couple of pieces from Hooked Up available for you right now for that sexy, seamless look under all of your favourite outfits!

High Waisted Shaping Slip with Lace Trim

Have you ever seen shapewear with lace? It’s such a beautiful touch to something that most women don’t find appealing. However, this slip offers unbelievably hot shaping capabilities with a hook to close the gap between the slip and your bra. This leads to an overall seamless shape underneath whatever you wear over it. Silicone lining helps avoid any rolling or falling, and extra accessories help make this piece work with a variety of bra styles. It’s truly a must have if you love shapewear and its miracle work!

High Waisted Shaping Brief

A high waisted brief that doesn’t cut you off right at your waist, you can pull this piece up to your bra and hook it up to ensure there are no gaps or digging into your waist in unflattering ways. This shaping panty will lie flat against your skin, smoothing out your waist, tummy, bum, and hips. Avoid any rolling with this panty with the various accessories that are included to hook to different styles of bras.

High Waist Shaping Mid-Thigh

For those trendy body-con midi length skirts, this mid-thigh shaper is the perfect piece for underneath. Once again, you can attach the mid-thigh to your bra for a cohesive shaped look all over, from under your waist to your thighs. You don’t have to worry about any edges cutting into your thighs with flat edging helping you avoid that.

Which Hooked Up shapewear item are you going to try out?
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  • Loni

    Love this high waisted shaping brief I received. So good to my body. Really smoothes out my tummy and waist! I feel so much “slimmer” in it. Love how easy it hooks up to my bra and I have no trouble at all with any roll down. In the past a couple of high waisted girdles would always, half way through the evening roll down making sometimes unsightly bulges. This shaper is perfect however and stayed up all night for me, no wrinkles at all. Thank you Alicia for this blog and Bra Doctor for introducing this to me. I have one in black, now I want one in beige also.

  • admin

    Hello Loni! We are so happy to have read your comment and thank you for sharing your positive experience with Hooked Up Shapewear. We know the creator had many of those same issues in mind when creating her product, so she would be ecstatic to hear what you said. We hope you continue loving your Hooked Up Shapewear! Thank you again!

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