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We love how a new year comes with change, new things, and the excitement behind it all!

Last year, lingerie became more of a fashion statement than ever as it transformed from something you wore underneath your clothing to something you wear as clothing. Is lingerie still going to have the same fashion power this year?

Here’s what we think along with some lingerie trend predictions for 2019.

Robes Will Become Outfit Staples

Inset Back Luxurious Robe With Silk Ties by Fleur’t

Sweaters and jackets are great and serve so many purposes. Your robe is so similar in terms of function, why not bring it outdoors?

Robes are definitely already be worn as layering pieces, but we think wearing robes will become much more prominent. Think vintage finds, designer robes, and lots of silks and lace. A robe is just too beautiful to hide indoors!

Wire-Free Will Be Everywhere

Triumph Triaction Wellness Studio Wireless Sports Bra With Front Closure

Comfort has by far become one of the most high sought-after qualities of lingerie, We have to wear it everyday, so it makes total sense.

We think more brands will offer wire-free options that adapt to all breast sizes and shapes. Similarly, we can only imagine how alternative wire technology will grow in the next year! Metal wires may become a thing of the past one day.

High Cut Panties


Semi-Sheer Lace Brief With High Leg by Naturana Lingerie

We’re seeing so much influence from past decades into modern lingerie, and there’s nothing like a classic high cut panty to exude that old time glamourous sexiness.

A high cut panty can come in so many different styles, colors, and materials, and the side straps sit on top of your hip rather than on the hip. This creates a beautiful curvature of your lower half, accentuating that curviness that we all love. They look good on every body type and are quite comfortable as well.

More Detail


Night Bloom High Apex Bodysuit by Montelle Intimates

There are two extremes that are popular in lingerie; the very minimalist, and the bold detail.

Strappy bras and bralettes and bodysuits were absolutely everywhere last year. We don’t think that’s going away soon, but we do believe brands will expand their range in adding details that transform their lingerie.

We think we’ll see more mixtures of textures, collars, unique cuts of fabric, and dynamic mixes of colors. Lingerie is meant to be fun, and detailed pieces allow us to truly indulge in that fun.

From All The Nudes To All The Neons

Mimi Wirefree Bandeau With Removable Padded Cups by Miel

A lot of smaller brands have become well known for expanding their range of nudes, allowing for people of all skin tones to indulge in the essential.

We think and hope more brands will follow suit, and create their nude collection in more diverse ranges.

On the other end of the spectrum, neon is predicted to become a very major 2019 trend. We sure hope that translates to lingerie as well, because how fun would that be?!

More Diversity (We Hope!)

Parfait Lingerie’s Perfect Figure movement – click for our blog post & to see more from Parfait

The lingerie industry has made bountiful strides to become more inclusive in terms of representing people of color, gender spectrums, body size, a spectrum of ability, and more.

It’s apparent that brands who contribute to this positive shift are going to continue thriving, and those who aren’t willing to embrace the change will suffer. We think more brands will reflect on this and contribute to the positive changes we’re seeing in the lingerie industry.

What lingerie predictions do YOU have for 2019?

Let us know in the comments below!

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