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Wire-Free Bras: A growing trend

Warners Elements of Bliss Wire-Free Contour Bra

Since I spend a lot of time working in the bra fitting room with women to find their bra sizes, I always hear firsthand accounts of women’s history of bra difficulties.  Many of you have told me that the discomfort from wearing underwired bras have you converted into wire-free bra wearer instead.  Women of all ages, shapes and sizes have become increasingly fond of these comfortable soft cup bras, also known as wire-free (or wireless, but this word always reminds me of my internet service) bras.

An underwired bra is not in itself uncomfortable, but if you’re wearing the wrong bra size or bra style/shape for your body, then chances are the underwire will poke into you or rub against you uncomfortably.  Wire-free bras eliminate any potential issues with underwire – however, beware committing the same bra fitting mistake twice.  If you switch to soft cup bras, but not change your bra size, just your bra style, you may still be wearing the wrong size, which was possibly the problem in the first place.  If you are having bra pain for any reason at all, consult me and I can help you figure out what the problem really is before the issue gets compounded.

Bra companies have recognized the growing popularity of wire-free bras.  Whether you wear an A cup, a D cup, a DD cup or even an E, F or G cup, you can find the comfort of a wire-free bra along with the support you need.  Here are some of my customers’ recent favourite wire-free bra styles:

Naturana Regal Embroidery Soft Cup Bra

Naturana Regal Embroidery Soft Cup Bra

1) Bra Doctor’s Sleek Simplicity Wire-Free Cross-Over Bra: Made with a comfortable stretch microfiber, this light support bra is seamless for your tighter tops and offers a natural look.  Some of my clients use theirs for yoga too, but you can wear yours any time of day or night.

2) Naturana’s Regal Embroidery Soft Cup Bra: This beautiful non-underwired bra is stylish, supportive and comfortable, and available in an extensive size range, from 34-48 B to E cups!  My fuller-busted customers appreciate the ultra-supportive cups, comfortable straps, and of course, the sensual embroidery of this bra.

3) Warners Elements of Bliss Wire-Free Moulded Contour Bra: This bra gives you uplift, a sleek, rounded look and serious comfort, with a lined cups that help minimize the appearance of your nipples under your clothes.  Available from A to C cups.

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  • We currently do not offer wireless bras, but have a lot of requests for them. Which company do you feel offers the most support in a wireless bra?

  • Bra Doctor

    Thanks for your question! Depending on the style of wire-free bra (ex: padded, unpadded, etc), the function (sleep bra, comfortable everyday bra, sports bra), and the bra size, different companies would cater to different needs. Some companies only make wire-free bras from A to C cups, while others have a wider size range. I really like Warner’s (smaller cups), Olga (D-DD cups), Grenier (A to DD), Elita, and Naturana (A to E cups), to name a few, for their selections of comfortable wire-free bras, but there are definitely other companies as well. For a comfortable every day bra for A to C cups, I also suggest the Bra Doctor crossover bra, which I mention in this blog (I love to wear it – I’m even wearing it now!).

    I hope this helps! Hope to hear from you soon! Keep checking back for more info on bra fitting!

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