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Padding: Does It Always Enhance My Bust?

Most women want the same things out of their bras: comfort, support, and a flattering shape. Some women also hope for a little extra lift that enhances her breast. Other women hope to have their breasts look as natural as possible, with no extra bulk. If you’re one of the latter ladies, you may think this means you have to avoid padding in your bra. On #ShopNTL, we want to diminish the idea that padding automatically means added bulk, with our selection of bras having varying degrees of padding.

Padding typically acts like a type of cushion on the breast, which is meant to feel like a comfortable hug that also helps shape the breast. Some bras might have a thin layer of padding to round you out. Others might have extra padding near the bottom that helps push up the breasts to the top of the bra, making your breasts appear bigger and perkier. So depending on what look you’re going for, you want to look at the thickness of the padding.

And so, women who don’t want to appear bigger can still wear padded bras! And if you want that extra push power, all the power to you! Let us show you some of the different options available for all women on #ShopNTL.

Your Bra Underwire Contour Bra by Warner’s


Look smooth and rounded underneath all of your favourite outfits with foam lined cups and smoothing wings. The thin cups will help give you the shape you want, but they won’t add any extra layers to your breasts. The little plunge effect is super sexy with a hint of natural cleavage peeking out. This is a bra you’ll want for everyday wear.

Spacer Bra Soft Bra Spacer by Naturana Lingerie


The soft foam padding in this bra makes it ideal for the girl who doesn’t want to intensify her bust but wants that smooth, rounded shape. The support is all in the cups in this soft bra that’s built with materials to help regulate body temperature and dryness. This bra will last you quite a while with its strength due to the thoughtfulness behind the material selection.

Amourette Spotlight Lace Padded Bra by Triumph Lingerie


This lovely purple number takes the aesthetics of a bralette and the look of a non-padded bra and puts in a thin layer of padding for the perfect mix. You can have that natural look with the safety and comfort of padding and a whole lot of beautiful lace. You’ll get that little bit of lift you want that keeps you perky, but not over the top.

Nicole Seamless Padded T Shirt Bra With Lace by Affinitas Intimates


When you want that voluminous vixen look, here’s a bra that’ll give you that and more with comfort and a fabulous selection of colours. The cups are built with padding and little “cookies” that bring the lift to another dimension. Just remember that it’s very important the fit is right with a push-up bra so you can avoid spilling out of the top and getting cut off at the top of the breast. Your low cut tops will love this bra as it’ll fill them out quite nicely.

Prodigy Add A Size Ultimate Push Up Bra by Montelle Intimates

There’s nothing wrong with wanting some extra cushion to make your breasts truly pop. This bra is built to make your breast appear two cup sizes bigger with the ultimate push up power. It may sound extreme, but be assured you’ll get this accentuation in the softest way, with comfortable pillow cups that sweetly hug your breast. A fun bonus feature: the straps are convertible so you can make this bra work for all types of outfits.

So now that you know about the different options of padded bras, has your mind changed on whether or not padding is for you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below, and let us know if you have any questions about any of these padded bras shown today. Be sure to also give us a follow on Facebook and Twitter, where we’re always looking to educate you on all things lingerie in a fun and easy way! Our Pinterest is a great resource for more lingerie info, with inspiration, new products, and so much more! Finally, our YouTube is full of some of our most popular lingerie advice that is still helping women today.




  • Kathy

    I’ve been struggling with a problem for many years and I’m tired of wearing padded sports bras that still leave me looking flat chested. I am between cup sizes, no matter which brand I try. Neither an A nor a B cup but require a 38″ band. Due to my senior age my breasts have “flattened” on top but I find the bras with lift very uncomfortable and not the look I want. I merely want my clothes to fit properly. I have found some underwire bras that are actually comfortable, but again there is the “air space” at the top of my breast.
    My question is this. Are there any inserts I can buy that are specifically to fill in the top of the cup?
    Thank you in advance.

  • admin

    Hello Kathy,
    Thank you for contacting us.
    Inserts would be ideal for you.
    Every bra pad has its own function. The Sculpt is for fuller figure, the Flirt is for push up, the Glam will add a complete size and the Flaunt is a very slight breast enhancer.
    Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


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