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Are you finally ready to embrace how having the right lingerie can do wonders for your life?

If so, let us help you build the bare bones of your lingerie wardrobe. These are pieces that will take you through whatever outfits, schedule, and activity level you might find yourself in. If you have these in your arsenal, there’s nothing you won’t be ready for.

A T-Shirt Bra

A comfortable t-shirt bra marries support, seamlessness, and versatility for a bra you can wear almost every day.

You can definitely go colorful if that’s your thing, but having a neutral color is always a good idea too.

A Convertible Bra

Never say no to another outfit because you don’t have the right bra.

A convertible bra lets you do all sorts of unique straps, strapless numbers, one shoulder garments, and so much more. You’ll never have to deal with unsightly bra straps again.

A Sexy Bra

Because every now and then, we need a little bit of a confidence boost.

A bra in your favorite color, something with lace, or maximum push up power – whatever calls your name and makes you feel special when you put it on.

A Sports Bra

You don’t need a gym membership to indulge in a sports bra.

A sports bra is good to have even if you just walk, do yoga, or light activity, or even for days where your breasts are feeling tender and need a little bit of a break.

A Wireless Bra

Speaking of letting your breasts take a break, a wireless bra is fabulous to have for a break from underwire.

Now as we’ve said before, wires shouldn’t hurt, and if they do, it’s because the bra doesn’t fit. But we also know sometimes you could use a more relaxed fit without sacrificing support, and that’s when wireless bras come into play.

A Seamless Panty

Seamless underwear are just that – seamless – so no more panty lines!

Even your tightest little bottoms and dresses will fit like a glove without having to worry about your underwear peaking through.

A High-Waisted Panty

A high-waisted panty is great for those days where you might be feeling a little bit bloated, or when you’re wearing a high-waisted trouser or short.

It’s definitely full coverage, but it’s also very retro and sexy.

A Cheeky Boyshort

A boyshort is perfect for every day, and comes in just about any kind of color, pattern, or fabric your heart could desire.

It’s full coverage and easy to wear, is perfect for any sort of physical activity, and it’s as comfortable as you could dream of.

A Shaping Panty

When you want to smooth your curves out, or want to suck up some of your bloating, a shaping panty is always nice to have on hand.

Even if you save it for special occasions, having a shaping panty on hand will be sure you don’t have to run around shopping at the last minute.

Do you need advice knowing what kind of lingerie you need?

Share with us in the comments below, or reach out to our Bra Doctor for specialized help.

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