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The Cutest DIYs For The Best Thanksgiving Weekend

We love when Thanksgiving comes – we get to eat delicious food, spend quality time with friends and family, and reflect on the blessings from the past year.

We also love the festive decor we can create with some Pinterest inspiration and some cheap craft supplies! So if you’re celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, or just want to get a head start on being the best hostess for American Thanksgiving, these are some DIYs we want to star alongside our Thanksgiving menu.

Fall Succulent Planters – Maison de Pax

Having fresh plants or flowers is thought to bring positive energy into a home, and some of us need that on the holidays!

Succulents are pretty inexpensive and are just as stunning as flowers, and you can create festive ambiance by planting them in a styrofoam pumpkin. Grab a couple from your local craft store, hit a farmer’s market for some cheap succulents and soil, and voila! You’ll have an adorable centrepiece without spending tons of money or time.

Thanksgiving Pie Garland – Martha Stewart

We all know one of the best parts of Thanksgiving is pie, so why not include it in your decor?

You can use construction paper or cardstock – whichever you’d like to splurge on – and we’re sure you can find something triangular easy to trace or use a ruler and scissors if you don’t have the cutting table the instructions call for.

This could be a fun piece to create with the kiddos, and it’s such a creative way to decorate a small space!

Canning Jar Lid Pumpkins – Cute DIY Projects

Many of us probably have some mason jars around we use for dishes, decor, or other DIY projects. If so, hopefully you saved the lids! If not, they’re usually easy to find at dollar stores.

Grab the rings from the lids and some string, and you can make this super cute and industrial-inspired pumpkin. It’s a truly unique piece that we’re sure your guests will admire! You can stick some cinnamon sticks in the top for a lovely and natural air freshener that also looks like a pumpkin stem!

Illuminated Leaf Mason Jars

Fall is such a beautiful season, and you can play into nature’s loveliness in your decor!

Grab some mason jars (maybe some left over from the previous DIY), some string lights, and real or fake leaves (easy to get at the dollar store), and some mod podge. Brush the mod podge onto the jars, stick the leaves on, and once they are dry, put the string lights in!

It’s a super easy way to create ambient light in your home and celebrate the seasons changing.

DIY Sequin Pumpkins – Sugar and Cloth

Thanksgiving decor doesn’t have to be rustic – it can also be glam!

Host a posh Thanksgiving with white pumpkins kissed with sequins, or any other glittery detail you’d like for that matter. Obviously, you’ll have to paint the pumpkins, but after they dry you’re good to go. Just grab your glue gun and some sequins and you’ve got such a unique piece of interest.

Also, you can do this with real or fake pumpkins!

What is YOUR favorite way to decorate for the Thanksgiving holiday?

Share with us in the comments below!

Want more Thanksgiving ideas? We have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to Thanksgiving!

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