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Who would have thought a 13 year old could teach us so much about fashion?

That’s what’s happening with Millie Bobby Brown, who is influencing some of the most esteemed designers, like Burberry and Coach, as well as fashion influencers with her cool, easygoing style. The Stranger Things actress is not only talented in front of the camera, but really knows how to put an outfit together!

Here’s some things we can all learn from the budding style star.


1. Short Hair is More Chic Than Ever

Millie had to get her head shaved to star as gifted child Eleven in Stranger Things, but girlfriend completely embraced it! Her hair has grown back since then, but she’s rocked several short ‘dos that have made many seriously contemplate shedding their long locks.

Millie shows just how versatile a short hairstyle can be, and she looks so incredibly chic no matter how she styles it.


2. A Dress + Combat Boots = Perfection

via Huffington Post

We’re seeing a revival of the dress and combat boot combo thanks to Millie, who knows how to pair edgy and girly pieces like no other.

It’s no longer an outdated “punk” combination; it can be very fashion-forward and cool, as we can see with Millie heading to the Coach show during NYFW.


3. High Collars Are In

Millie may be young, but she has a very mature fashion sense that she manages to make youthful with fun patterns and a cute personality.

She proves it can be very smart to cover up, wearing several high collar dresses with unique details and cool silhouettes. She’s not afraid to step out of what’s considered right for her age range, which is probably why she’s inspiring so many adults with her style.


4. Wear What Inspires You

We love that Millie doesn’t prescribe to one specific aesthetic; she dresses girly, she dresses up, she dresses down – basically, she wears what she wants with confidence!

She has the chops to pull off pretty much any look because she does it with grace and hutzpah, and I think we can all learn something from that!


5. The Right Shoes Are Everything

Seriously, Millie has her shoe game on point!

She clearly knows that a pair of shoes can make or break any outfit, and she never misses the mark. From cute flats to sneakers with formal dresses, her shoe choices inspire us to think outside of the box and consider putting away our nude flats for something more fun!

What do YOU think of Millie Bobby Brown’s style?

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