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Everything You Should Know About Bodysuits

You probably know by now that bodysuits are one of the hottest things in both lingerie and fashion. 

They’re sexy, they’re fun to style, and they come in so many different styles. Because of the way they’re designed, though, you might be a little bit wary of trying them out for yourself. 

Here’s everything to know about how to wear bodysuits so you can embrace the trend and have fun with it! 

Blush After Dark Wirefree Lace Bodysuit

Bodysuit Sizing

The trickiest thing about wearing bodysuits is learning your sizing. You’ll notice two pretty prominent trends in bodysuit sizing; bra sizes and clothing sizes.

Bodysuits that are designed with underwire or cups often go by bra sizes. Because the top of the bodysuit is structured with a bra-like top, shopping for that bodysuit based on your bra size ensures that you get support in the most important place. The tough thing is, not everyone who is a certain bra size has the same body shape. It may take some trial and error to find which brands will fit your body best. 

Many bodysuits are designed without bust support, and they are sized based on clothing or lingerie sizes. Obviously, each brand is a little different depending on where they’re made. 

So again, it’s not as straightforward as a simple bra or pair of underwear, but you can take some solace in the fact that with a lot of bodysuits, the rest of the garment can be stretchier or less structured so they’ll conform to the rest of your body. That’ll depend on material and design, but we promise, it’s not as hard as it sounds!

The Structure

Montelle Afterdark Underwire Lace and Chiffon Bodysuit

A bodysuit is a one-piece garment that is designed like a top that extends past the hips and closes at the crotch. Some have built in bras, some have cotton gussets, or some are open at the top to allow you to wear a bra with it. Of course, you can wear a bra with any bodysuit – more on that below. 

Because of the coverage given with a bodysuit, a lot of people have fun wearing them in place of tops with so many different outfits; under blazers, with high waisted bottoms, with skirts, and so much more. 

Are They Comfortable?

Blush Verve Wireless Cotton Bodysuit

If a bodysuit fits you well, it can definitely be comfortable. The two most important places for your bodysuit to fit are at the bust – if there’s underwire or cups – and at the crotch. You want to ensure that it doesn’t ride up in the crotch or bum area so you don’t deal with wedgies or digging which can cause irritation. 

It’s good to try different brands and different styles to know which ones work for you. Montelle has a great size range, as does Naturana, and Blush makes a lot of styles that are less structured so it’s easier to make them work for more body types. We’re always here if you have any questions before buying!

Are They Practical?

Montelle Moonlight and Roses Wirefree Lace Bodysuit

Sure, you might not be able to get away with a bodysuit in some office settings, but they’re fun to play with both in the bedroom and in more casual settings. Some styles are easy to slip on and go, since they have breast coverage and aren’t completely sheer. 

If you’re opting for a style that’s more sheer or is wireless, you could definitely show off a bra underneath if you want to! A strapless bra could help you avoid disrupting the cute style with straps or lots of additional fabric. If you’re really going for it, nipple covers can also do the trick if you don’t want to just show them off. 

For many bodysuit styles, especially lacy ones, it’s a good idea to try a seamless thong or bikini panty depending on the cut of the bodysuit. Be sure to check for a gusset and don’t compromise on underwear if there isn’t one! 

Have you tried bodysuits yet? Have you found any tips that help you shop for bodysuits?

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